An Internship program that offers everything a Tea Lover could ask for!


ObubuKyoto Obubu Tea Farms is an agricultural social enterprise. This means we don’t just work for profit – we want to use our tea to contribute to society. We want to spread our passion for tea around the world and we believe through internships we can do this.

Interns come from around the world, have diverse backgrounds, and diverse skills. They all become interns in the hope of improving their knowledge of Japanese tea and culture. Our interns finish their program with a greater appreciation and understanding of the tea industry and it’s deep cultural roots in Japan.

We have previously accepted also interns through university programs,  through a desire to expand their own tea shops and businesses, through a passion to learn about tea, as well as interns coming for their own desire for work experience. The interns coming to us through university or college use their time with Obubu to complete degree requirements.

We work with the University of Cha (tea) with our colleagues teaching professional classes about tea, therefore you can expect a good introduction to tea culture. Indeed, simply being involved with the employee’s, farmers, and lifestyle of Obubu will increase your tea know-how.



Description of the intern position

You will be working Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm with a one hour lunch break. You will be primarily in the Obubu Office managing the English operations of Obubu. This includes overseeing the wholesale program (everything from administration, development, packing, shipping, marketing, etc), hosting Tea Tours and Events, managing this very website, tackling Obubu’s non-profit (ITFA) and bringing it to fruition, and following your own ideas and ambitions to help expand Obubu. To fill this position, we’re looking for individuals with the following experience and knowledge.

  • Fluency in English. Conversational Japanese would be preferred, but not necessarily required.
  • Experienced in Website Design, IT,  Coding, SEO, or Graphic Design
  • Experienced in Business Administration, Marketing, International Relations, International Trade/Logistics, Translating, or Operations Management
  • Versed in Blogging, Social Media, Journalism, or Film

While the internship program primarily focuses on the marketing and business development aspects, individuals who are more interested in the agricultural operations of the tea industry may choose to focus on it during their stay at Obubu. If this describes you, expect to be planting, harvesting, covering, pruning, roasting, processing, and fertilizing our tea with our president Akky-san and his years of experience. Please keep in mind that the most opportune months are March to October and that during harvesting season every interns are excepted to participate for the harvest. This is a superb opportunity to see firsthand just how a tree becomes tea. These are the skill sets and interests we look for in an intern working on the agricultural side of Obubu:

  • Experienced in horticulture, forestry, farming, agriculture, soil studies
  • Experienced in planting/propagation, tree growth cycles, disease identification, silviculture, irrigation
  • Can work long hours (possibility of weekends) and in adverse weather and  conditions (rain, wind, mountainsides, steep slopes)
  • Willing to learn/already learning Japanese and has the patience and understanding of communicating with a language barrier

Internship duration

The internship program has 4 start dates: March, June, September,  December (table below) and interns are welcome to join the program for a min. 2  months, max. 6 months. For interns intending to join the program for more than 3 months we can provide assistance with applications for cultural or training visas, but will require your full commitment in return.

 Internship Start Date 1st March 1st June 1st September 1st December
Application Deadline 31st September 31st December 31st May 31st August

Interns accommodation

Interns stay in Obubu’s house that can accommodate more than 5 people at a time. This also doubles as the Obubu Head Office. The building is a two-story house; the main floor is dedicated to the office, common space and kitchen; the bedrooms are situated on the second floor, you won’t have privacy except in your room. Please note that you are not restricted to reside at Obubu, feel free to rent an apartment in Kamo, Kizu or Nara if you so desire. If you choose to reside at Obubu you can anticipate sharing a room with another volunteer. The house has two toilets and a bathroom. Regarding the bedrooms tatami mats with futon mattresses, bedding and linen and bunk-beds are provided.


  • Rent will be 25,000JPY (approx. 256USD) per month to be made on the 1st of every month via paypal
  • The 1st month rent must be paid as a deposit at least a month before arrival
  • There are two small grocery stores in the town, a short walk away. Food can range from 3000JPY – 7000JPY per week depending on your diet
  • Travel to and from Nara, Osaka, and Kyoto (the Kansai Region) will range from about 2000JPY – 3500JPY
  •  No financial compensation will be given. This is important in the event that you apply for a visa

Interns benefits

  • Learn about the brewing, preparation, and the science of tea
  • Learn the in’s and out’s of tea farming
  • Become involved with the Japanese culture through events, social interaction, and daily living
  • Enhance your understanding of a small business, by managing your own projects to overcome business challenges and further aid Obubu’s growth
  • Gain life – enriching experiences and cultural awareness

For more information please see the Obubu Interns Introduction Guide

If you  are interested in joining us, please click here to fill the application form