Group Tea Tour

Group Tea Tour

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Green tea has been a cultural symbol of Japan for several centuries. If you are organizing a group  to travel to Japan, Japanese Tea Tour is a unique opportunity for your travelers to experience traditional Japan through tea. A beautiful tea town Wazuka, where the tour is organized, is in a convenient location allowing your group to join the tour on your way from sightseeing in Nara or Kyoto and experience beautiful Kyoto countryside.

2h Tour Schedule


A group from Poland picking tea!

Japanese tea tour lasts 2 hours and it can be organized in the morning or in the afternoon on the day of the choice of your group.

  • 10min Travelling to a scenic tea fields
  • 40min Visit to a scenic tea field and depending on the season hand tea picking experience  (the most favorable time for tea picking experience is May – mid. July and September – mid.October)
  • 10min Arrival to a tea tasting venue
  • 60min tasting of several traditional locally made teas + Japanese sweets (Tea will also be available for purchase on the day.)

Tour Price

Tour price is 3,000yen/person (before tax) for organized groups of min.15 people. (If are travelling though Japan independently, please see our Guide Tea Tour or Hiking Tea Tour)

If you would like to bring your group of 15 people or more on a Japanese tea tour and provide your travelers a unique experience of traditional Japan, please contact us at


Wazuka town is located at the south of Kyoto Prefecture and is about 0.5h from Nara and about 1h from Kyoto.