Tea Business Consultation

Tea tasting during a Tea Business Consultation

Tea tasting during a Tea Business Consultation

Have you ever wanted to know more about Japanese tea and could not find answers to your questions to successfully complete your tea projects and grow your business? You now have an opportunity to deepen your understanding of Japanese tea at a Tea Business Consultation with Obubu team, who has been working with all aspects of Japanese tea for more than a decade.

Who is a Tea Business Consultation for?

A Tea Business Consultation is available and recommended for current or aspiring tea professionals. Whether you work with processed tea leaves and engage with tea lovers or you work with tea plants and engage in the production side of tea, Obubu team can bring you new insight and help your tea business grow.

What is a Tea Business Consultation like?

A Tea Business Consultation involves a tailored discussion with Obubu team, who will guide you through your selected topics and will get your questions answered. A consultation is arranged through skype and can be delivered in both English and Japanese. It normally lasts one hour – for an in depth and thorough discussion we recommend focusing on 2-3 topics at most. Follow up sessions are more than welcome if you would like to continue discussion on the same or a new topic.

Some example topics you might choose to focus on:

  • Historic developments of Japanese tea and its role today
  • What is Japanese tea industry like?
  • Where and how is Japanese tea grown?
  • What processing steps does it go through?
  • Different types of Japanese tea and how to select tea right for your customers
  • How to prepare a delicious cup of Japanese tea?
  • How to inspire your customers and help them enjoy Japanese tea?
  • Something else? Let us know and more than likely we will be able to help

Who will you be having a Tea Business Consultation with?

Tea Business Consultations are arranged and held by Obubu team, who has been working in all aspects of tea from production to business development for more than a decade and we are eager to share our knowledge and experience to help you grow.

A few examples of previous Tea Business Consultations:

A tea startup in the Netherlands wanted to learn about the difference between Japanese and Chinese green teas, and when choosing to work with Japanese tea how to communicate its value to their customers.

A tea business in Italy wanted to gain a better understanding of different types of Japanese tea, when and how they are made to have a more convincing and confident engagement with their customers.

A tea farm in New Zealand was seeking to learn about organic tea farming in Japan: organic fertilizers, weeding, frost prevention systems, etc., to make improvements in their own farm.

What our Tea Business Consultation attendees have to say?

“I have a website, www.green-tea-guide.com, providing information about green tea, and I sometimes get asked difficult questions. I joined this professional session to learn more about the differences between organic and conventional farming. The session was very informative and interesting. Matsu is well informed about all aspects of green tea. He was able to explain difficult concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. Everything was perfect. I really enjoyed the discussion. It was a pleasure to meet Matsu and Simona. Thank you so much!” – August, 2014

“I joined a professional tea session to learn more about Japanese teas. I liked the session it was very informal and professional. I tried a lot of different teas and enjoyed them all. I could ask questions and could understand very clearly all the different nuances of Japanese teas and what makes them so different. It was a very good experience. Both Matsu and Simona were very friendly and helpful.” – May, 2014

“I wanted to know more about tea tastings and other things in general for my online store. I thought there would be language problems, but it was very smooth. I was surprised by Matsumoto’s san English, he is very good. The last email that I received with more resources was also very helpful. I liked it very much, Matsumoto san and Simona san are very friendly and all my questions were answered in a sincere way. (See full review by Ricardo here)” – May, 2014

If you are running a tea business or starting a new tea project, you may have noticed that information about Japanese tea in English tends to be very limited. Obubu provides a rare opportunity to learn directly from the source, that brings confidence and provides inspiration to successfully complete your tea projects and grow your business.

How much will a Tea Business Consultation cost you?

Tea Business Consultation to discuss 2-3 topics of your interest is 6,000yen/h per person.

How to book a Tea Business Consultation?

Please complete the form below and our team will be in touch to set up a Tea Business Consultation for you. Depending on your provided information a 10-15min skype meeting (free of charge) may be necessary to clarify your goals and objectives.

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