Kochi Japanese Tea Set – Green


This bright, fresh set of traditional Japanese teaware is a far cry from the usual functional and modest “Wabi” style Japanese tea ceramics. Made by traditional Kyoto craftsman Nanzan Ito, the matching set bears a delicate pattern of leaping rabbits and grass in the traditional “Kochi” style, famous for its memorably vivid colours like brilliant yellows, greens, purples and blues. The design is hand-applied using the perfected “Icchin” technique, in which white clay (or “slip”) is carefully squeezed through a small nozzle to make the raised edges of the design. Due to the level of expertise involved, there are very few people who can create this type of pottery. Ito is one of the rare master potters who can.

The set includes one Houhin (teapot) and five small Yunomi (tea bowls). The five little bowls are perfectly sized to hold all of the tea liquor you’ve brewed in the Houhin, so your precious leaves will not overstep. This makes it the perfect set for sharing your love of fine Japanese tea with friends and family.

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Houhin (teapot) capacity: 150ml

Yunomi (cups) capacity: 5 x 30ml

nanzan ito

About Nanzan Ito:

Born in Kyoto in 1959, Ito was inspired from a young age by his father, also a potter. He is internationally recognized as a ceramicist and restaurateur. In 2011 he began his foray into the restaurant business: “NanzanGiroGiro” serves Kyoto cuisine served in his own unique ceramics. This partnership is the realization of a concept that had long fascinated him: “a collaboration between cuisine and its utensils”.





About the Houhin (Japanese teapot):

Houhin are truly professional pieces of teaware. They are typically smaller than other Japanese teapots, but have a wider spout and no handle. The size is very efficient to accommodate the tea leaves to water ratio and is therefore highly recommended by tea professionals for brewing the highest quality teas like Gyokuro and Kabuse Sencha. The pouring might feel a little inconvenient in the beginning because of the missing handle, but one quickly gets used to it.


How to use a Houhin

how-to-use-a-japanese-houhin-teapotYou pour according to the “three-finger-method“: hold the upper edge of the pot between thumb and middle finger and place the index finger on the knob on top of the lid. As the high grade teas are mostly brewed at a lower temperature, you will not burn your fingers.

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