Okinawa Sencha (50g)


Medium in body and smooth, Okinawa Sencha is naturally sweet with underlying elements of raspberry and corn. Radiant yellow in color it has distinct floral aroma with notable hints of lilac. Grown in Okinawa and made from Inzatsu cultivar this Sencha is one of the most aromatic Japanese teas.

Taste: Sweet
Body: Medium
Texture: Rounded
Length: Medium
Harvest: March
Tea Cultivar: Inzatsu
Origin: Okinawa
Cultivation: Unshaded
Processing: Lightly Steamed, Rolled, Dried

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What is Sencha?

SenchaSencha (煎茶) is the most popular tea in Japan and is unique in its distinctive emerald colour and grassy, vegetal taste. Directly translated as `brewing tea´, 80% of all green tea produced in Japan is considered Sencha. After being picked, the tealeaves are immediately steamed for about 40 to 50 seconds to stop them from oxidising. The tea is then rolled in several processes: rough rolling, strong rolling, middle rolling and finally fine rolling. This transforms the leaves into the beautiful needle shapes that are typical of Japanese tea.

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  1. Obubu Tea

    Reviews by tea professionals and enthusiasts:

    “It was very simple, but perfect. I was a little surprised at how murky the water became when I was brewing this in my houhin. Besides that this reminds me a little of a Kabushincha and a little bit of Gyokuro, although it is missing the sweetness of a kabushincha and the depth of a gyokuro. Regardless it was quite interesting despite its simplicity”- Rah, 2014

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