Japanese Tea: A Comprehensive Guide


Tea has been an integral part of Japanese culture for hundreds of years. In recent years curiosity about Japanese tea has grown around the world. Information about it in English has been fairly limited and quite sporadic. Japanese Tea: A Comprehensive Guide, first published in 2017, hence, is the first comprehensive source about Japanese tea in English.

Here you will find how Japanese tea is grown and processed as well as what different kinds of teas are made in Japan. In addition to that, you will learn about the chemical composition of Japanese green tea and how to brew it. You will also discover how the history of Japanese tea has developed and what the current situation is. Additionally, you will learn about the Japanese tea ceremony and teaware used for Japanese tea.

All together the book will prove to be a reliable source for your tea studies and professional tea career.

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Simona Zavadckyte is a Japanese tea author and educator, whose personal goal is to make Japanese tea more accessible to the world.

Simona been working with Japanese tea professionally since 2013. Her tea story started with a 6 months internship at Obubu – an artisan tea farm in Wazuka, Kyoto. Now Simona is leading Obubu’s International Department. She is responsible for the educational programs at Obubu, such as the Japanese Tea Master Course in Japan and Japanese Tea Education Tours around the world; as well as sales, communications and operations of the department.

Simona is also curious about and engaged in all aspects of Japanese tea, from tea production to tea culture. She has been practicing Japanese tea ceremony since 2014 and is a certified Japanese tea ceremony instructor. She is also a member of the Japanese Tea Hand-Rolling Association, that aims to preserve traditional Japanese tea making.

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