Fuel your day with green tea smoothies

‘-Once up- on a time on the planet of tea lovers and there happened to be a cup of fresh Japanese green tea that was, driven by curiosity, eager to widen its horizons with the aim of gaining deeper knowledge of the world of flavors. In order to get inspiration it decided to go on a journey that brought it to the fertile garden of thousand fruits and vegetables. After green tea and the garden´s fruits and vegetables developed a liking for each other they started dancing passionately. The result was an enormous implosion and a new species was born: the Green Tea Smoothie!’

I don´t really know if this is the true story of the green tea smoothie but anyway it is one possible theory of the birth of this wonderful drink and would explain its unique delicious taste (and why it is one of my favorite ones, too) so just stick with it ;-)

Ever heard of green smoothies? Green TEA smoothies are the enhanced version of these. Green tea smoothies combine the good features of fruits and vegetables with those of green tea in one single glass. Why not enjoy a green tea smoothie every morning to fuel your day

Unfortunately, we often neglect our body by not paying attention to get the required amount of fruits and vegetables. Fruits such as kiwis or oranges are a great source of calcium, magnesium and Vitamin C. Spinach contains carotenoids that may help protect against macular eye degeneration and help keeping blood vessels healthy to guard against heart disease and cancer!
By mixing your own green tea smoothie you can take in the vital nutrients coming from green tea and the ones that that are included in fruits and vegetables at once. For example one of green teas’s components- EGCG is a great health booster, taking care of your inner and outer beauty. For instance, it can help you to keep your cholesterol- and sugar level balanced and is helping to rejuvenate dying skin cells, which slows down the process of skin aging.

To get more information about the health benefits green tea is offering you, please check out the blog post: Why is Green Tea Your Indispensable Companion?

Infuse green tea smoothies in your everyday life and FEEL HOW THEY ARE BOOSTING YOUR ENERGY!!!

Obubu wants to introduce you to three excellent green tea smoothies using the following three different kinds of tea: MATCHA, SENCHA and HOJICHA. By harmonizing each individually with a selected combination of fruits and vegetables we want to create a delicious and healthy addition to your everyday diet. After getting into swing, you might want to create your favorite blend yourself.


So what´s the end of the story then?

‘Happily ever after the cup of Japanese green tea settled in the garden of thousand fruits and vegetables, living together in perfect harmony with its inhabitants. Together they created their own passion for each other in a single glass!’

+++ Let´s get started !!!

Matcha Monster

Ingredients for 500ml (2 servings)


1 tbsp Matcha (e.g. Obubu EXCELLENT COOKING MATCHA)
½ avocado
2 clementines or 1 big orange
1 apple
1 tsp chopped Ginger
100 ml water

Blend the Matcha and Avocado with the water. Add the clementines/orange, apple and ginger and blend until smooth. Pour the smoothie in 2 glasses. Enjoy!

Hojicha Harmony

Ingredients for 500ml (2 servings)


400ml brewed and cooled Hochija (e.g. Obubu HOJICHA DARK ROAST)
1 ripe banana
35g almonds
½ tsp cinnamon

Blend the Hojicha with the almonds. Add the Banana and cinnamon and blend until smooth. Pour the smoothie in 2 glasses. Enjoy!

Sencha Samurai

Ingredients for 500ml (2 servings)


250ml strong brewed and cooled Sencha (Obubu SENCHA OF THE SPRING SUN)
2 kiwis
1 ripe banana
20g fresh spinach leafs
a hint of lemon peal

Blend the Sencha with kiwis and banana. Add the spinach leafs and lemon peel and blend until smooth. Pour the smoothie in 2 glasses. Enjoy!

written by Jennifer Swann


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