Hojicha White Chocolate Cheesecake Pairings

After making the Hojicha White chocolate cheesecake we tasted 4 different teas to find the perfect pairing.  Sencha of the Forest GlowWakouchaSencha of the WindKyobancha  Here’s the results:  Sencha of the Forest Glow A high grade, unshaded,  spring tea with naturally sweet, umami taste. Undertones of orange and cinnamon can be detected.  Harvested in May, […]

Processing your own oolong!

At first glance, handmade tea is very intimidating. In Wazuka, hand-picked and hand-rolled tea are the most expensive senchas in Japan. Because of its high price, only the masters are allowed to touch the tea during this process. Nevertheless, you can make your own handmade tea at Obubu, and it is actually quite simple. Whether […]

Autumn Wagashi(秋の和菓子) by #165 Kia

A natural phenomenon as spectacular as the sakura of springtime is the coming of the Japanese autumn leaves, or kôyô (紅葉). Japanese forests are transformed with bright red, orange, and yellow foliage, and the star-shaped leaves of the momiji or Japanese maple trees, are exceptionally breathtaking! Wagashi artisans incorporate these vibrant colours into their creations, […]

Lost in the Kodos

Hi! Hello! Intern #171, Patrick here! During the week at Obubu, we were busy either framming, leading tea tours, or leveling. On the weekends, all bets were off. We interns had easy access to some of the most amazing cities in Japan: Osaka, Nara, and Kyoto. If you were feeling extra spicy, you could make […]

Summer Wagashi(夏の和菓子)by #165 Kia

Summer in Japan can be intense, to say the least. The high temperatures and harsh humidity are brutal. Nonetheless, we still want to eat wagashi, of course! So here’s my little guide to enjoying Japanese sweets in the summertime. Summer calls for sweets that bring cooling images to mind. Summer wagashi tend to be lighter […]

Hojicha Latte and Syrup

You may or may not have had the pleasure of drinking a Hojicha Latte (if you haven’t, I highly recommend it!) And if you’re like me, and some of our other interns, you like to sweeten your latte slightly… Instead of using sugar, why not try making a simple syrup with Hojicha tea, instead next […]

Spring Wagashi(春の和菓子)by #165 Kia

In spring, Japan is steadily covered in a blanket of pink. From late March to early May, cherry blossoms decorate the landscapes of Japan as sakura trees burst into bloom across the country. As the sakura are only briefly in full bloom, they are celebrated for their beautiful reminder of impermanence and seasonal changes. In […]

Hojicha White Chocolate Cheesecake

As an avid tea drinker, and amateur baker, I knew I wanted to experiment with adding tea to my baking. Matcha baking is already very popular, but what about the other tea powders, beyond matcha?  I began my tea baking journey with a Hojicha White Chocolate Cheesecake. I experimented with adding different amounts of Hojicha […]

Winter Wagashi(冬の和菓子)by #165 Kia

Winter is a time when we need countless cups of hot tea. It goes without saying at this point that every cup of tea is an excellent time to eat a bit of wagashi as well. During winter, multiple occasions call for sweets, notably New Year celebrations, which are of great importance. Wagashi is also […]

The Kyobancha Harvest

What a first day in the field for the new Interns Obubu! At 9 o’clock this morning, Kali, Kamiko, Lana, Nathan and Patrick, joined their senpais Kirstine and Jenifer for the first harvest in Aoimori, the Blue Forest tea field. Ready with gloves, boots and rain pants, at 9 o’clock the team went up the […]

Life of an Obubu Intern, 163 Jason

Introduction Hi everyone! My name is Jason, and I am intern number 163 here at Obubu Tea. I’m from the United States and I graduated in May of 2023 from Truman State University. I came to Obubu to learn more about tea and to experience Japanese culture as I want to potentially teach English and […]

Autumn Season Internship Recap by Gabrielle

Konnichiwa!! This is Gabrielle (intern #161). Sadly, it is my last week here at Obubu.. Where has the time gone?! It has been an unforgettable 3 months full of many memories. My internship period was for the Autumn season and I lived in Wazuka from September-December. Here is a recap of my time at Obubu! […]

Making Black Tea by Hand

Hello! I’m Cameron, intern #160, here to tell you about how I got the chance to make my own black tea by hand. We got up early to hand pick our tea, getting to the field about about 7 in the morning. We used Aoimori 青い森茶畑 (Blue Forest) tea field, an all natural tea field […]

Tea Blending Guide

Tea blending is one of the most involved activities anybody can engage in when it comes to tea. It can be one of the strongest acts of appreciation any tea lover can do and holds the potential to push products to new heights and beyond any flavour profile you have experienced. The only downside to […]

Wazuka Water : The Prime Water Experiment

Over the last several posts we’ve tested four of Obubu’s teas from all over Japan and all over the world. At least as much as one can do with eight waters, but it does illustrate an important fact. Depending on the water used to brew tea, the flavour of the tea can be drastically changed. […]

Solan & Suntory Water Experiments

Hi! The Tea Potato this week! And nothing has caught on fire. We will always consider that a win. The Waters We have something special today for water. No, it’s not the Suntory Natural Mineral Water. Don’t get me wrong, it is a fantastic water. But we’re constantly dealing with Japanese water in these blog […]

Acqua Panna & Kuju’s Water Experiments

Hi! It’s the Tea Potato again and welcome back! Today is a very exciting day for me in terms of water, so we’re going get right to it. The Waters The two waters we have for your tasting pleasure today are Aqua Panna, a natural mineral water from Tuscany, Italy and Aso Kuju’s Natural Mineral […]

Tea Adventures of Current Interns

Justin, Patrick, Katrina, Hannah, Alex, and Satomi-san here! During our internship, we went on several trips and tea-related festivals and events, both individually and as a group. Being located in the Kansai region, there are countless possibilities for discovering many different places in Japan. In this blog, we will tell you a little bit about […]

Crystal Geyser & O.S. 99 Experiments

Intern Tea Potato here with even more water experiments!   The Waters The two waters we’ll be experimenting with this week are Crystal Geyser and Onsen Sui 99. Crystal Geyser comes from the United States of America. There are several different springs from where the water is sourced, so it’s important to check the bottle […]

Sencha, Houjicha, Wakoucha, and Matcha

Mt. Fuji and Evian Tea Experiments

Hello hello hello! Tea Intern, the Tea Potato, here! We’re going to start a really fun and interesting journey today.  It involves *SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS* With water!  … Wait! Don’t go! I swear, this will be really fun. Water makes up more than 99% of tea.  If you’ve ever tasted a water that was awful, it […]