Tea Farm Location Shooting

Are you looking for a beautiful tea farm location for your film or photography project? Do you wish to capture a real tea production site? Obubu team is here to assist you your creative projects related to tea. We have experience of working with a range of clients who required location shooting for their printed publications, video commercials, television programs and films; and are ready to assist you in any way we can.


What we can provide for your tea related film and photography projects:

  • Scenic tea farm in the mountains where you can shoot with your camera or drone
  • Genuine tea factory with real tea processing machines
  • Brewing and serving of popular Japanese teas in a common and casual way
  • Explanation about different kinds of Japanese tea, tea cultivation, tea processing, tea culture and traditions, etc.
  • Japanese and international staff members in traditional uniforms for your interviews and tea scene shooting


A few examples of previous projects:

  Clinique product promotion video, 2015

Clinique contacted us to assist in the development of a promotion video for their improved Dark Spot Corrector & Optimiser. Our team arranged tea farm location counting for the crew and supported them during video shooting. Our staff members also took part in tea farming and processing scenes.

  Designer apparel line commercial in Vogue magazine, 2015

Our team arranged a tea farm location for a printed commercial of  the designer apparel line in Vogue Brazil magazine.

  A feature in the travel program ‘Ocean Treks‘, 2017

Travel program ‘Ocean Treks’ was filming an episode on Japan; and Japanese tea as a cultural symbol was a must in the program. Our team, arranged a tea farm location, had a staff member to play the host of the tea farm and a few other staff members to participate in tea farming scenes.

  A feature in a cinema film called ‘The Connected Cup‘, 2017

We are proud to have assisted with in the production of the film called ‘The Connected Cup”. Our team arranged and provided tea experience for the film director an lead actor. A few of our staff members also participated in interviews about tea.

  A part in a tea documentary for RTM – Malaysian national television, 2018

Obubu assisted in the production of the documentary series about tea for the Malaysian national television. Our team arranged tea farm and factory locations for the documentary shooting. Our staff members also participated in the documentary scenes and played the role of the host.

Arrange a tea farm location shooting

Please contact us at info@obubutea.com to arrange tea farm location shooting for your project.