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Join Obubu Tea Club and become a Tea Farm Owner!

Obubu Tea Club – a community supported agriculture program – is our way to create strong bonds between our Tea Farms and Tea Lovers!

Obubu Tea Club, started in 2008, has gathered more than 800 members worldwide. By joining the Tea Club you will become an honorary owner of a tea farm in a historical tea growing region – Wazuka, known for the highest quality and most respected tea in Japan; and will receive freshly harvested authentic Japanese green tea throughout the year.

What are the advantages of becoming an Obubu Tea Club member?

  • Fresh tea

    Tea Shipment for the Tea Club

    Fresh high quality Japanese tea (with shipping included)To reflect on tea harvesting seasons, freshly made tea will be sent to you four times per year: March, May, September, December. With over 1kg of high quality Japanese tea per year it is easy to share it and enjoy with your family and friends.

  • Honorary ownership of a tea farm. You will receive a tea farm owner`s certificate and will be able to say that you have a tea farm in Wazuka, Kyoto. After 1 year membership your name will be added to the Tea Farm Owner`s Board on our tea farm.
  • 50% discount to join a seasonal Tea Picking and Rolling Event.
  • Advance invitation to fun seasonal events such as tea planting and tea picking, as well as tea events around the world.

Tea Club members in the world

Tea Farm Owner's Board

Tea Farm Owner’s Board

How does it work and how to join Obubu Tea Club?

To join please click ‘Obubu Tea Club Registration’ button below and complete two-part application form (one page for your information and one page for credit card details). Tea will be send to you approximately every three months (depending on harvesting schedule), or four times per year and you will receive the next closest shipment after you registration is processed. Membership in Obubu Tea Club is untimed and continues as long as you wish.

After joining  you will receive a Welcome Pack, which includes:

  • Latest shipment of Tea Club teas
  • Tea Farm Owner’s Certificate (with a high quality crystal frame included).
  • Postcard Album and seasonal postcards from your tea farm.
  • Quarterly News Magasine, keeping you updated with happenings at Obubu Tea Club.

Tea Club MemberHow much does it cost to join Obubu Tea Club?

Monthly fee for joining Obubu Tea Club is 2400yen, that will be automatically deducted from you selected card at the end of each calendar month.

What are Obubu Tea Club funds used for?

Due to the social nature of Kyoto Obubu Tea Farms, monthly fees of the Obubu Tea Club are used to:

  • Promote Japanese tea culture in the world
  • Bring focus back to agriculture through community engagement events
  • Contribute to society through tea, by engaging people with disabilities in light work experience, as well as organizing charity events for children from disadvantaged backgrounds and elderly in nursing homes, etc.
  • Plant tea trees to preserve earth’s ecosystem

In addition to enjoying all Obubu Tea Club benefits you also play a part in contributing to society and environment.

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