Tea Collaborations



With the mission to bring Japanese tea to the world Obubu actively seeks collaborations with like-minded organisations. More than anything we hope to spread Japanese tea culture and contribute to tea education. Through our world travels in the past years we have built connections and friendships with a few tea education centres and tea communities around the world, that is leading to more joint tea education programs.

UK Tea Academy 

uk-tea-academyUK Tea Academy, is a tea educating body in the UK providing Professional tea courses. The connection started in 2016, when the UK Tea Academy helped us with the Europe tour tea program in the UK. After that Kate who works for the UK Tea Academy joined us as an intern. We are looking forward to the future collaborations with the academy.


International Tea & Coffee Academy 

ITC academyInternational Tea & Coffee Academy, is a barista and tea sommelier training center in the Netherlands. Our story together begins in 2014, when during one of our world tours our team had a chance to hold tea events at the ITC Academy in Hague.It was followed by a repeated visit the year after and in 2016 we welcomed ITC Academy teachers and students on a 3-day Japanese tea program in Wazuka. We are looking forward to continue holding joint events and even welcoming ITC Academy students on our internship program.

El Club Del Te

el club del teEl Club Del Te is one of the leading tea educators in the Spanish speaking world, that holds tea courses in Argentina, Spain and online. The connection began in 2011, after meeting at the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas. In 2016 we could meet again, when the founders of El Club Del Te Victoria Bisogno and Martin Frangioli came to Japan and visited us in Wazuka. Now we are working together to provide more educational Japanese tea programs for their students.

Spanish Institute of Coffee 

Spanish Institute of Coffee, is a coffee school and roaster in Barcelona that, has recently started providing tea education in the area. We have held a few tea workshops together in Barcelona and are looking forward to developing more tea activities in future.


Berlin Tea Academy 

Berlin Tea Academy, is a sister organisation of the Berlin School of  Coffee, and it focuses on providing tea education in Berlin and surrounding area. We have held a few Japanese tea workshops together in Berlin. In addition to that our past intern Jenny, is also a part of the academy and helps to bring more attention to tea. We are looking forward to future collaborations with the academy.