What’s in a Name? Part II: Gyokuro & Kukicha

Welcome back to our blog series on tea names! Today, we’ll cover gyokuro and kukicha.   Gyokuro  玉露 Gyokuro, meaning “jewel dew,” conjures up an image of morning dewdrops collected from rare jade, and the tea liquor is a vibrant green color to match. Gyokuro is famous as a luxury tea; it’s harvested just once […]

The character for tea, made with matcha!

What’s in a Name? Part I: Matcha, Tencha, and Sencha

Hello everyone! This week’s post is the first section of a series on Japanese tea names. If you’ve ever been curious why a tea is called by a particular name, this is the post for you!   Tea  茶 Perhaps the most important word on this list is cha, or tea. The Japanese character has its […]


Organic Tea: A Brief Overview

Today’s post is about organic tea. What makes a tea organic? What are the implications for farmers and tea drinkers? Is organic tea better? What does “organic” mean? The term “organic”, referring to farming, came into use in the 1940s, referring to a balanced relationship between plants, soil, and nutrients. However, since the 1960s, the […]

Beautiful Wazuka

Wazuka: 800 Years of Tea

Today’s post is about the history of tea in Wazuka, the beautiful hometown of Obubu, where all our teas are grown. Chagenkyo, Wazuka’s nickname, means the home origin of tea, or Teatopia, as we like to translate it. In fact, Wazuka has cultivated tea since the Kamakura period, over 800 years ago, when Japanese green tea […]

Japanese Tea Workshops in Barcelona 10th-11th March, 2017

Barcelona buzzing with coffee and tea is inviting us again. Supported and hosted Fundación IECafé as well as Hidden Cafe BCN we are bringing several tea workshop so share our knowledge of Japanese tea and tea culture. Come and join us for a unique chance to taste and learn about Japanese tea. Matcha workshop will […]

Japanese Tea Workshop in Metz 14th March, 2017

Another chance for Obubu to visit a lovely French city in March 2017. Supported by our Obubu EU team, we are bringing a workshop on how to brew Japanese tea. Come to meet us on 14th March and you can learn about a wide range of Japanese teas including Sencha, Genmaicha, Hojicha, Kuckicha, etc. and […]

Japanese Tea Events in Antwert on 17th-18th March, 2017

Tea and chocolate – a perfect combination, isn’t it.Invited by a recently opened Royce Chocolate store in Antwerp, Obubu is bringing Japanese tea to accompany the sweet flavors. First time in Belgium and first time to collaborate with a chocolate maker – we are preparing some unique events. Walk in the Royce store in Antwerp […]

Japanese Tea Events in Oxford 6th March, 2017

A year has passed and Obubu will be in Oxford again! Hosted by the University of Oxford Japanese Society and supported by James from the Chayoutea we are bringing you stories and flavors of Japanese tea. On the 6th of March we will hold two tea events: Matcha Workshop and Japanese tea tasting event . Matcha workshop […]

Japanese Tea Workshops in Madrid on 8th-9th March, 2017

Surprised and inspired by the Spanish interest in Japanese tea in 2015, Obubu is returning to Madrid with a few more Japanese tea events. Hosted by a Japanese restaurant – NikoNiko and supported by the Japan Foundation in Madrid, Obubu will hold three events in Madrid: Japanese Tea Events, Matcha Worshop, Hojicha Workshop. Japanese tea event will […]

Japanese Tea Workshops in Milan 12th-13th March, 2017

After a warm welcome in 2015, Obubu team is returning to Milan in March 2017. La Teiera Eclettica – a spirited tea house in Milan, is kind to host and support our program again. This year two more Japanese tea workshops are waiting for you: Matcha workshop on 12th March and Hojicha Workshop on 13th […]

Japanese Tea Event In Copenhagen 16th March, 2017

As the interest in Japanese tea continues to grow Obubu keeps making new friend in Europe and we will be visiting Copenhagen for the first time in March 2017. Hosted and supported by the Sing Tehus – a beautiful tea house at the heart of Copenhagen, we are coming to introduce Japanese tea to all […]

Japanese Tea Workshops in Hague 19th-20th March, 2017

Obubu team returns for Hague in March, 2017! Hosted and supported by the International Tea and Coffee Academy,  we are bringing two Japanese tea workshops for all the tea lovers and professionals in the Netherlands: ‘How to Brew Japanese Tea’ and ‘Tea Farmer’s Life Through The Year’. In ‘How to Brew Japanese Tea’ you will […]

Matcha and Sencha Workshops in London 4th-5th March, 2017

Obubu returns to London for the 4th time! Hosted by a new specialty tea shop Tea & Glory and supported by the UK Tea Academy we are bringing you authentic Japanese tea all the way from Wazuka, Kyoto, Japan. Are you wondering what exactly is Matcha? Or how to make a good cup of Sencha? We […]


Japanese tea & dessert pairings

Pairings with Japanese tea and desserts exist albeit uncommon. Matcha is a popular choice for many although the variety that Japanese tea could offer is fascinating. One will be surprised how it could pair well with foods such as desserts. Dessert and tea have both their own unique character.  When paired together, it makes one harmonious […]

4 seasons of tea

The Calendar of Tea Fields

Tea fields are spectacular sights regardless of season. During spring, vivid green, well-manicured rows of tea plants look beautiful with the sakura as a background. Warm summer weather signals for the peak of harvest. The autumn foliage provides a contrast between the hues of red and green, then as the winter chill sets in, one […]


What About Aracha?

If you search how to assess tea quality, one of the criteria you will find is a uniform, deep green colour and a consistent leaf size. However, are this criteria inclusive enough to appreciate the wonderful thing that is Aracha?   What is it? Also called “farmer’s tea”, “raw tea”, or just unrefined tea, Aracha is the result […]

Obubu's matcha truffles at Wazuka's monthly market

Dessert Ideas: Matcha Truffles

Matcha truffles? Much has been already said about matcha’s numerous health benefits. If the antioxidant properties or caffeine dose is not enough to convince you to stock matcha powder in your pantry, then a persuasion through desserts is in order. Festive season is upon us and soon it will be time for fun gatherings together […]


Matcha Chia Pudding

Matcha Chia Pudding (serves one or two people) Increase the benefitsthat Matcha is provides by combining the green gold with another super food. In recent years chia seeds from South America have found their way in to the kitchens of numerous health conscious people. Enjoy it as a dessert to round off your meal or […]


A New approach to Japanese Tea and a Chai Latte Recipe

The first thought that comes to everybody’ s mind when hearing ‘Japanese tea’ is an emerald green tea, natural in its flavour and filled full of umami flavours. Here is big news for everyone that didn’t know: some Japanese Farmers also produce black tea, known as Wakocha. Japan, a great green tea producing nation, opened […]


Lahpet Thoke- A Tea Salad from Myanmar

At Obubu, we’re very fond of our tea experiments. Therefore, at every tea tour we all enjoy a beautiful Kabuse Sencha salad. Basically, after brewing Kabuse Sencha three times to extract all the bitterness- Kabuse is a perfect choice for a tea salad, since it is a shaded tea, resulting in softer, sweeter leaves- we […]

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Keeping tea for a special moment?

Do you know these thoughts: “Should I have those chocolates? They were so expensive so let’s wait for a special occasion! Will it be a waste if I wear this dress on a normal work day or should I wait for a special event to come up? Should I open this bag of tea now? […]


Hand Picking and Rolling Autumn Sencha

Last week, we held our tri-annual tea picking and rolling event at Obubu to celebrate the beginning of the autumn harvest. The history of hand picking tea in Japan stretches back around 800 years to the Kamakura period, when tea seeds were first brought to the Kyoto prefecture from China. Traditionally, women would wear beautiful, […]


Kombucha for Japan

‘The tea of immortality’ – the name given to Kombucha back in ancient China during the Tsin dynasty (B.C. 211), although the origins have been lost in the mists of time. This name gives us an insight into the truly special qualities of this unique tea and its beneficial effects on the body. Various Kombucha creations made […]

Iced tea 2 copy

The Best Japanese Iced Tea Recipe

Homemade iced tea is the perfect summer drink for those warm evenings in the garden, sharing with guests at barbecues or to accompany your lazy weekend brunch. Our recipe uses the cold brew method, achieved by steeping the tealeaves in cold water and leaving them overnight. This means that less catechins, which are responsible for the bitterness […]


Summer Sencha

Illuminated by the mangetsu, the beloved full moon, we made our way down to the factory to witness the processing of our final summer tea: the Sencha of the Summer Sun. We were welcomed by Akki-San, whose sun-baked face, bright eyes and mischievous smile revealed yet little of the extraordinary effort he (like many other […]