Assistant Manager Role at Obubu


Starting from a cup of tea, Kyoto Obubu Tea Farm has been established with the vision of spreading Japanese tea to the world. Not only serving high quality teas, we are passionate about offering you an authentic and unique experience with them.

And, it is our pleasure to announce unique and exciting one-year position for passionate tea lovers, ‘Assistant Manager’. Beyond our internship program, Assistant Manager will be able to gain more experience and knowledge about Japanese tea, agriculture, and join community of Wazuka.  


Obubu, which is a Kyoto dialect for “tea”, started after our president, Akky-san, tasted Wazuka´s delicious green tea. His desire to make this tea available to the world became a foundation of Kyoto Obubu Tea Farms. As Obubu has been growing, it has become an agricultural social venture, operating with three core values:

1.    Bring quality Japanese tea to the world.

2.    Contribute to the local and global community through tea.

3.    Revitalize interest in tea and agriculture through education.


The successful candidate will carry out a temporary role as an Assistant Manager for one year. The hours will average 32 hours per week, four days in total. The gross salary will be ¥7000 per day. 

 The main tasks for the role include:

  • Support with farming and processing – There are many Obubu’s tea farms that require farming and maintenance. Also, it is important to work on processing the teas. The amount of the work may differ based on the season.
  • Co-ordinate our Internship Program – One of main works for Assistant Manager is to manage Obubu’s internship program. It is responsible to do such as managing incoming interns, educating them about Japanese Tea, and cooperating with them. 
  • Nurture relationships with the tea community – With the mission to bring Japanese tea to the world, Obubu actively seeks collaborations with like-minded organisations and tea farmers in domestic and international settings. 
  • Host education programs and tourist activities – Obubu expects their staff to be knowledgeable about tea and be able to showcase that to interns, stakeholders, and tourists alike in a respectful, friendly manner. 
  • Promote the company via social media.   
  • Support staff with general maintenance and tasks around the Obubu’s premises. 

Our ideal candidate would have the following requirements:

  • Be passionate about tea. Being comfortable sharing that passion with colleagues and customers alike.
  • Fluent in English and is willing to learn or speak Japanese. 
  • Has leadership skills and experience managing a team of people.
  • Has good time management skills as well as strong sense of commitment and accountability.
  • Be enthusiastic, innovative and has a can-do attitude. 
  • Holds a valid driving license. 

Desirable skills would be: 

  • Experience of working in the tea industry.
  • Experience of shooting and editing photos and videos.
  • Speaking a language other than English. 

Benefits for Assistant Manager would be:

  • Accommodation can be provided for ¥1000 per day at a house in Wazuka if no accommodation has been organised by the candidate.
  • Opportunity to enjoy Japanese culture and expand their Japanese tea knowledge.
  • Opportunity to gain skills and experience in Japanese Tea agriculture and business system
  • Opportunity to participate in the Assistant Manager Education program
Education Program

If you are interested in joining us, please fill the application form below:

By completing this application you are acknowledging these factors in the experience and confirming that you are fit and able for the job.

Arrival DateStart Date
(1 Year)
Application DeadlineApplication Status
2nd September 20243rd September 202413th May 2024 00:00 Japanese Standard TimeClosed
12th February 202513th February 202526th October 2024 00:00 Japanese Standard TimeOpen
We will come back to you after reviewing all applications. Review process may take some time.

During the first weeks, Assistant Managers will be provided with important orientation and training. To ensure an unified start for all managers, the Assistant Manager Program adheres to a strict schedule, therefore the start dates of the program cannot be delayed.

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