Online Tea Tour

Green Tea has been a cultural symbol of Japan for several centuries. If you are organising some group fun and educational activities, Online Tea Tour is a unique opportunity for your team to experience Japanese tea culture and take a look behind the scenes of a local tea farm in Wazuka, Kyoto – the region, known for premium Japanese tea. By connecting with Obubu Tea from the comfort of your own home both tea lovers and tea professionals will be able to see long-lived Japanese tea traditions and enhance their understanding of Japanese teas.
We are looking forward to welcoming you on an unforgettable adventure to tea sights and flavours!

1.5 hours Tour Schedule

Duration of the tour is 1.5 hours.
The tour will involve a virtual visit to a beautiful tea field in the heart of Wazuka to learn about tea farming. This is followed by an in-house tea tasting session with a selection of our teas delivered in advance: from everyday Hojicha to premium Sencha and Japanese Black Tea.

Approximate schedule depending on season and weather is below.

  • Welcome and a brief introduction
  • Visit to some beautiful tea fields in the heart of Wazuka
  • A guided tour of our Tea Processing Factory
  • Interactive tasting of traditional locally made Japanese teas
  • Q&A and farewell

Tour Language

Tours are held in English by our bilingual staff.

Tour Pricing

Ticket – Online Tea Tour Pack(Required)

The tour ticket  is 5000yen/per person (excluding shipping) for organized groups of min. 15 people.
The price includes:

  • A virtual guided visit to some beautiful tea fields and a real tea processing factory
  • Interactive tasting of different kinds of single origin Japanese teas
  • Tea to brew during the remote guided brewing session
  • Tea to enjoy to make yourself a delicious cup of Japanese teas after the tour

Starter Kit – Tea Wares (Optional)

If you do not have tea wares ready for the tour, this is what you need!

Starter Kit is 2000yen/per kit(excluding shipping).

Starter Kit includes:

  • A White Futahashi Kyusu
  • Three Tea Cups

There are many factors that affect the flavor of the tea and one of them is Tea Wares.
Tea Wares that included in The Kit are every day use at Kyoto Obubu Tea Farms, and we are going to use it on the day as well.
If you would like to have an authentic experience, we would highly recommend to get one.


Shipping via Japan Post and DHL is currently available to most countries however we would recommend wherever possible to use DHL to ensure delivery before the tour date.
We can ship the tea separately to individual addresses or all together to one place for you to distribute when it’s arrived in your country.
Shipping cost is not included for the tour price and it is paid by the customers.

Tea Tour Booking Steps:

  1. Send us an email with the required information (see below)
  2. Decide the date and amount of ticket/starter kits
  3. Complete the invoice we send via PayPal
  4. Tea Packs/Starter Kits are sent to the given address/addresses
  5. Online Tea Tour Event

    Our online tea tours welcome tea lovers from around the world to virtually visit a stunning tea town in the heartland of premium Japanese Tea.  Led by our passionate and tea crazy staff, the online tea tour is an opportunity not to be missed where you take a trip to a tea paradise with other likeminded tea lovers.

    We are looking forward to seeing you!