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By connecting with Obubu Tea from the comfort of your own home you are able to have a rare opportunity to experience Japanese tea culture and take a look behind the scenes of a local tea farm in Wazuka, Kyoto – the region, known for premium Japanese tea. By joining our Online Japanese Tea Tour both tea lovers and tea professionals will be able to witness long-lived Japanese tea traditions and enhance their understanding of Japanese teas. The tour will involve a virtual visit to a beautiful tea field in the heart of Wazuka to learn about tea farming followed by an in-house tea tasting session with a selection of our teas delivered in advance: from everyday Hojicha to premium Sencha and Japanese Black Tea. We are looking forward to welcoming you on an unforgettable adventure to tea sights and flavours!


Tour Date Start Time Shipment Date Book with Tea Book without Tea
2020/10/24 11:00am JST 2020/10/08 Book Here Book Here
2020/10/24 05:00pm JST 2020/10/08 Book Here Book Here
2020/11/14 11:00am JST 2020/10/30 Coming Soon! Coming Soon!
2020/11/14 05:00pm JST 2020/10/30 Coming Soon! Coming Soon!


Tour Schedule

Duration of the tour is 1.5 hours.
Tour availability is displayed in the table at the above. Approximate schedule depending on season and weather is below.

  • Welcome and a brief introduction
  • Visit to some beautiful tea fields in the heart of Wazuka
  • A guided tour of our Tea Processing Factory
  • Interactive tasting of traditional locally made Japanese teas
  • Q&A and farewell

Tour Language

Tours are held in English by our bilingual staff.

Tour Pricing

The tour is available for up to 15 people and is normally 8,000yen/person however for a limited time we are offering the tour at 0yen/per person (excluding shipping). The price includes:

  • A virtual guided visit to some beautiful tea fields and a real tea processing factory
  • Interactive tasting of different kinds of locally made Japanese teas
  • Extra teas to brew at your leisure after the tour

Our first International Online Tea Tour day will be a special occasion and we would like to welcome as many people as possible. As such we will also be offering another pass to view the tour without the tea included. This pass is limited to 75 places and is free! To be able to confirm your place on the tour please book your free pass in the availability table above.

Make the most of Shipping!

Shipping via Japan Post and DHL is currently available to most countries however we would recommend wherever possible to use DHL to ensure delivery before the tour date. However if your tea has not arrived in time for the tour then please contact us via email.

Furthermore, as there is a 2KG allowance with DHL we want to be able to make the shipping fees as economical as possible. As such we have created the bundles below to add to cart to allow you to explore curated bundles of our teas.

The Sample Bundle The Seasonal Bundle The Roasted Bundle

Tea Tour Booking Steps:

Advance booking is required to reserve your place on the tour and receive the tea shipment

  1. To book your place on the tea tour please select a date from the table below.
  2. After adding the Online Tea Tour to your cart please proceed to checkout to make payment for the tour. Please make the payment at the time of the checkout (you cannot return to the payment page afterwards).
  3. Your tour is reserved once the payment is confirmed (Stripe confirmation is regarded as the tour confirmation).
  4. We ship your Online Tea Tour Shipment 15 days before the Tea Tour Date.


  • More than 21 days before the tour date: Full refund
  • 21 – 15 days before the tour date: 80% refund
  • Less than 15 days before the tour date: No refund
  • In case of a refund, we will refund you the amount after deducting Stripes’ Transfer and Booking Fees.

We are looking forward to seeing you!