Aïna Kamardine

Mayotte, France

Intern #121

Email: aina.kamardine@gmail.com


Before Obubu

Back to 2017 I opened my tea room business where I offer tea from various places in the world, including Japan! Fun fact I started buying tea from Obubu in 2017 but only learned about the internship in late 2018. so I thought why not give it a try. It’s a good way to experience Japan and Japanese tea and culture.


Why Obubu

I decided to apply to the internship program because I wanted to improve my tea knowledge and also experiencing some tea farming.


During Obubu

I joined Obubu in march 2020. Unfortunately, because of the covid-19 outbreak we could not experience the internship like it is usually done (no tea tour) but I absolutely enjoyed being in the tea fields with Akky-san, he has so much knowledge to share and is always in for a laugh :)


You can find out more about my experience at Obubu in the video below:


After Obubu

I am returning home (Mayotte) to my company with more knowledge on tea in general and Japanese tea. I hope to use all the knowledge I gained to develop my business further.