David Ong

What were your expectations from the internship before you came to Obubu?

To experience what it would be like to live in Japan for a few months while working on a tea farm and learning about a new culture.

Did the internship meet your expectations?


If you can change anything in the internship, what would it be?

Change up the tea tour

During which period have you been to Obubu?

Janurary – April

Which year have you been to Obubu?


How was a typical day during your period?

Packing teas, weeding, personal projects, tea tours, running errands, surviving in the cold.

What was your best memory at Obubu?

Fun Karaoke nights with Hiro-san and the other interns.

What do you do now?

I work part time and I am working towards filmmaking.

Did the internship help you to reach your goals?