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Andjelka Jankovic asked 7 years ago

Hello again! I am looking at booking the Hiking Tea Tour on Tuesday 18 April, can you please explain the “tasting of Japanese tea” section? I am hoping it is the same as the Guided Tea Tour “Interactive tasting of 8 different kinds of locally made Japanese tea” as I am interested to learn about the teas :)

If it isn’t the same, can I book the Hiking Tour but then join the Guided Tea Tour tasting? I am happy to pay more on the day.
Thanks! Andjelka

1 Answers
Obubu Staff answered 7 years ago

Dear Andjelka, thank you for the question and interest in our tea tours. Tea tasting session for Guided and Hiking tea tours is held together. There are still a few places left for the Hiking tea tour on 18th April, that you can book here.