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Erika asked 7 years ago

We are serving Sencha Kabuse and Brightness among others, but we feel that Brightness is much stronger than it\’s described (elderberry, avocado…).  We put 5 g as instructed in the Tea Steeping Instructions for high quality Sencha – but it\’s hard to know which tea are the \”high quality\” and regular green tea.  All all sencha high quality? Please tell us if we have to use different amount of tea leaves per product.  We have WInd, Kabuse, Brightness, AUtumn Moon, Tsubame Kukicha, Hojicha, Genmai Hojicha.

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Obubu Staff answered 7 years ago

Dear Erika, thank you for trying our teas. Tea brewing depends a lot on personal preferences. In tea brewing the most important parameters are tea and water ratio, water temperature and steeping time. If following our steeping instructions you find that the tea is too strong, we would recommend to reduce the amount of tea used or shorten the steeping time. Warm steeping method is recommended for high quality senchas (those harvested in spring), all the rest teas can be brewed with hot water.