Hoji-Genmaicha (80g)


A delicious blend of roasted green tea and roasted Mochi brown rice. This tea combines the nice raosted flavour and sweetness of our Basic Hojicha and the nutty round taste of our roasted Genmai that reminds of Soba-cha (buckwheat tea). A soothing cup without any bitterness and a very low caffeine content.

Taste: Sweet
Body: Light
Texture: Rounded
Length: Medium
Harvest: June
Tea Cultivar: Mixed
Origin: Wazuka
Cultivation: Unshaded
Processing: Steamed, Rolled, Dried, Roasted + mix with roasted rice
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What is Hojicha? Hojicha

Hojicha (焙じ茶) meaning ‘roasted tea’ ,is still a green tea although it is not green in colour. This type of tea is, unlike common green tea, brown in colour as the leaves are roasted in order to achieve their unique character and nutty flavour. Hojicha can originate from either Sencha, Bancha or Kukicha but most often one would find it made from the slightly bigger and coarser leaves of the sun- grown Bancha or Kukicha. As these leaves are more dense and show a firm structure they are not so heat sensitive and can easily be further processed by roasting after steaming and drying. For roasting the tea leaves evenly a charcoal or sand roasting technic is often used for the final step. By bringing the tea to a high temperature almost all of the tea’s caffeine is extracted from the leaves. This makes Hojicha a wonderful drink throughout the day and especially suitable for the evening. Due to its roasted flavor it is often consumed by people who want to change from coffee to tea.


What is Genmai?

Genmai (玄米) refers to Japanese unpolished brown rice. Because it is not refined, it contains more vitamins and nutrients than white rice.
The Genmai (brown rice) we use at Obubu is a type of “Mochi-gome”, a rice used to make Japanese Mochi rice cakes.
It is steamed without being refined and then roasted, which makes it a very crunchy and flavorful.



Farmer Profile

Akky-san Farming Tea

Akihiro “Akky” Kita is our president and lead farmer here at Obubu. His desire to make this tea available to the general public is the foundation of Kyoto Obubu Tea Farms. In college, Akky took up a part-time job as a farmhand in Wazuka, and fell in love with the tea of this region. He made the decision then to leave college and devote his time to mastering the art of tea farming. Recognizing the need for independent farmers like himself to spread the joy of drinking Japanese tea, he travels each year during the winter off-season to bring Japanese tea to people all over the world.

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