Natural Sakura Sencha


A unique version of our delicious Natural Spring Sencha “Sencha of the Spring Sun” blended with wild Sakura (cherry) leaves and flowers for a most enchanting visual and taste experience.
This limited edition Sencha will offer you a cup full of freshness and umami mixed with a fantastic floral aroma, characteristic of the Land of the Rising Sun. One sip, and you will be transported under the Japanese Sakura!

Taste: Floral
Body: Medium
Texture: Slightly Astringent
Length: Long
Harvest: May
Cultivar: Yabukita (tea) Yae-sakura (cherry)
Origin: Wazuka
Cultivation: Shaded
Production Process: Light Steaming, Rolling, Drying
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Tea Cultivation, Processing and Brewing Guide


What is Sencha?


Sencha (煎茶), or literally “brewed tea”, was invented in 1835 and is now the most common and popular type of tea in Japan. Accounting for over 80% of all green tea in the country, it is unique in its distinctive emerald colour and herbal taste.

After harvesting, the tea leaves are immediately steamed to stop the oxidation process. This crucial step preserves all the fresh, spring-like flavours of the leaf, making Sencha the ultimate symbol of spring for the Japanese. The leaves then undergo a whole process of rolling and drying, resulting in a beautiful fine needle tea.


Farmer Profile

The Obubu Team as a whole are responsible for this Tea with each member caring for the Tea Garden, Harvesting and Processing. This tea comes from the Blue Forest Tea Garden, we initially thought to create an organic garden but to do so we would need to wait three years before being able to apply for Organic Certification. We decided that we would only add the leaf which had grown and been trimmed back into the garden. We would aim to provide an alternative to Organic Tea production for the small scale farmers who aim to create delicious Japanese teas in a sustainable business model and delicious teas. This is an alternative solution to a national and increasingly international problem from the Tea Garden up, forget grass roots, more like tea roots!

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Weight 85 g



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