Sencha of the Autumn Moon (80g)


Made from mature Yabukita leaves, Autumn Moon is light-bodied and smooth. Its moon-like yellow liquor is accompanied by a warm cedar aroma. It has a notable astringency and a nutty floral taste reminiscent of pansy and lilac. Harvested at the beginning of autumn, Sencha of the Autumn Moon is unusual even in Japan.

Taste: Astringent
Body: Light
Texture: Rounded
Length: Short
Harvest: September
Tea Cultivar: Yabukita
Origin: Wazuka
Cultivation: Unshaded
Processing: Lightly Steamed, Rolled, Dried
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What is Sencha?

SenchaSencha (煎茶) is the most popular tea in Japan and is unique in its distinctive emerald colour and grassy, vegetal taste. Directly translated as `brewing tea´, 80% of all green tea produced in Japan is considered Sencha. After being picked, the tealeaves are immediately steamed for about 40 to 50 seconds to prevent them from oxidising. The tea is then rolled in several processes: rough rolling, strong rolling, middle rolling and finally fine rolling. This transforms the leaves into the beautiful needle shapes that are typical of Japanese tea.



Farmer Profile

Akky-san Farming Tea

Akihiro “Akky” Kita is our president and lead farmer here at Obubu. His desire to make this tea available to the general public is the foundation of Kyoto Obubu Tea Farms. In college, Akky took up a part-time job as a farmhand in Wazuka, and fell in love with the tea of this region. He made the decision then to leave college and devote his time to mastering the art of tea farming. Recognizing the need for independent farmers like himself to spread the joy of drinking Japanese tea, he travels each year during the winter off-season to bring Japanese tea to people all over the world.








Autumn Moon Sencha – Production and Brewing guide



Additional information

Weight 130 g

1 review for Sencha of the Autumn Moon (80g)

  1. Obubu Tea

    Reviews by tea professionals and enthusiasts:

    “Very solid green tea. Fairly delicate taste and slight astringency make it very easy to drink and enjoy”- Piotr S, 2016

    “The first steep is delightful moonlight pale gold, like a moon coming up over the horizon! The taste is really quite mild and subtle, it might be the most subtle first steep of a Sencha I have run into. The mouth feel is very smooth, it starts off with the green taste of grass and stems, this moves into the very distinct taste of bamboo leaves, and after that we have sweet hay and a finish of edamame that lingers. The first steep is relaxing, I could almost see myself sipping this before taking a nap” – Amanda Freeman, 2015

    “The flavour is a bit grassy, but more sweet, dry hay than fresh cut green grass. There’s nutty notes, and maybe a hint of kale and honey.

    I’m really enjoying this cup a lot. Easy to drink, complex but still delicious if you’re sipping absentmindedly”- Anlina, 2014

    “This one’s off to a nice start, with the dry leaves in the warm kyusu having a scent of moss and crisp iceburg lettuce. The wet leaves smell like more moss and a sort of fruity smell that is like the inside of a melon or a pumpkin, also like the smell of fresh strawberries. I don’t mean the smell of cooked strawberries or strawberry ice cream or anything like that, but the smell of the berries fresh off the vine, tart and ripe”- Lion, 2014

    “I think this is REALLY incredible! This has all of the ‘right amounts’ of all of the stereotypical green flavors in it without any one flavor dominating the others. It leaves a sweeter after taste that is really wonderful! If you were to put the song “I’m a little bit Country – I’m a little bit Rock N Roll” up against this tea…well. it would be the tea equivalent to that song! A little bit of EVERYTHING GOOD in a Green Tea! Totally YUM!” – by TeaEqualsBliss, 2011

    “It is rich and vegetative with a nutty undertone. There is an intriguing bittersweet flavor to this cup. Not a bad “bitter” – but a savory one that perks the taste buds right up and calls upon them to take another sip to experience the taste yet again.” – by Sorori Tea Sisters, 2011

    “I really enjoyed this Sencha. Rather than the sweet, buttery notes that I sometimes get from a Sencha, I am getting an interesting bittersweet taste with a nutty undertone. The taste is fresh and exhilarating. Very nice!” – by LiberTEAS, 2011

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