Spring/Summer 2021 Volunteer Form

Thank you very much for your interest about Obubu’s Spring/Summer 2021 Volunteer!

Spring is the busy season for tea, and there is a lot of daily work in the tea plantations.
Agricultural work is sometimes tough, but it is out in the open air, surrounded by nature and stunning scenery!


●What we are looking for:

Happy to do farming activities
Is able to participate for one day or more
Wants to know the life of a tea farmer
Wants to experience professional farm work
Is thinking about farming in the future
Longing for the rural life
Wants to do work that you can throw yourself into
Wants to relieve stress from the city
Wants to breathe the fresh countryside air
Wants to work surrounded by greenery

●Daily farm work

 ・ Support during the farming season such as tea harvesting
 ・ Work that occurs constantly, such as weeding
In addition, we will carry out various activities in the future with volunteer staff as much as possible.
Volunteer activities require registration, we have put the registration form on the bottom of the page. Once you submit the form, we will get back to you shortly!
The availabile dates for this volunteering time are from the 17th to around the end of July.

● Volunteer Day

8:39 Take the bus bound for Wazuka on Route 66 from JR Kamo Station
8:58 Arrive at Higashi Wazuka bus stop 1 minute walk to Obubu office
If by car then arriving at the office before 9am.
-1 hour lunch break
Please bring your own lunch as we are unable to provide.
Approximately 6pm
For volunteer participation for 2 days or more then you may stay in the Obubu House provided we have a an unoccupied room.

● Work content

Helping with the harvest in the tea garden.
Shading work
Weeding operations
Tea making help at our Tea Factory
In case of rain, we will check the situation and may do other work
 If you help with the harvest, you can receive a tea gift!

● What to wear and prepare

・Clothes that are easy to move in and can get dirty・Work Boots・Hat・Towel・Work gloves・Change of clothes・Sun protection・Water bottle (tea is available, but those who want more water)・Rain gear

● Registration From