Online Tea Education – Different Types of Japanese Tea and Brewing Session

During this hour long course we will look at the different kinds of Japanese Tea and where in Japan they come from! Brief Introduction History of Tea in Japan An Introduction to many types of Japanese Teas Brewing 2 Rare Japanese Teas – brew with us! Q and A session 「令和2年度第3次補正事業再構築補助金により作成」

Online Tea Education – What is Aracha and Brewing Session

During this hour long course we will start with an introduction to Aracha and its place in the Japanese Tea world. Aracha Defined History of Aracha Aracha Today – How it’s made from farm to cup Brewing 2 Types of Aracha – brew with us! Q and A session 「令和2年度第3次補正事業再構築補助金により作成」

Online Tea Education – How is Matcha made and Brewing Session

During this hour long course we will start with an introduction to Matcha Production and it’s processing before moving on how to prepare Matcha. History of Matcha Current Situation of Matcha Matcha Production Guide – How it’s made from farm to cup How to Brew Matcha – brew with us! Q and A session 「令和2年度第3次補正事業再構築補助金により作成」

Online Tea Education – Intro

Course Topics Available Topics How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Japanese Tea, Sencha How is Matcha Made & Brewing Session What is Aracha and Brewing Session Different Types of Japanese Tea and Brewing Session Course Format The course duration is 1 hour. Hosted online virtually via Zoom with instructions on how to join emailed […]

Online Tea Education – How to brew a perfect cup of Japanese Tea : Sencha

During this hour long course we will start with an introduction to Sencha Green Tea and it’s history before moving on to how to brew this delicious quintessential Japanese Tea. Background and History of Sencha Production Guide Multiple infusion real time brewing guide Q and A session   「令和2年度第3次補正事業再構築補助金により作成」

Mathilde GAOUYAT

Hello ! I am Mathilde, I come from France and I am 20 years old. Before obubu and now I am a student in Angers in France. It’s an agricultural school called Ecole Supérieure d’Agriculture and I’m going to study here to get a degree as an engineer in agronomy and environment. Before obubu, like […]

Blue Forest Tea Garden 2022

We wanted to share with you, our wonderful Tea Club Members, an update on the Blue Forest Tea Garden (Blue Forest). We will also share a story involving one of our Tea Club Members, a chocolate rabbit and Blue Forest Gyokuro. In Autumn of 2019 Obubu was approached by a Tea Farmer who was looking […]

Volunteer Event – Kanagawa Cherry Blossom Project

The best cherry blossom production area in Japan: Hadano, Kanagawa Prefecture A project to pick cherry blossoms and leaves, make tea and deliver them to the world. We are looking for support volunteers! You think cherry blossoms are for watching! Actually, in this volunteer activity, we pick cherry blossoms and leaves! Details: Date and time: […]

Tea Garden Update – I’m working on it!

Good morning(*^^*)Ladies and gentlemen, it’s me, Akky!How are you doing?It’s getting warmer these days and the pollen is flying and flying.My nose just won’t stop running today!Well, this time we will continue with the previous re-planting project 😊 I put in the bamboo last time and then backfilled it.From here, we can start replacing the […]

Welcome to Tea Planting!

Hello everyone!How are you doing?It’s getting warmer during the daytime these days!Risshun has passed and the tea season is just around the corner😄.This time it’s a planting change! Replanting is not about having dinner together ❗️….Plant again! The first is “the start time”.Due to the old age of the predecessor, Mr. Yabukita ↓. Some of […]

Akky-san’s Autumn Tea Farm Report

Hey, everyone! How are you doing? Autumn is well on the way! Winter will be here before you know it! The cold weather has arrived😱! It’s so cold! It’s cold in the morning and evening, but it’s cold during the day too! The weather was kind of gloomy all day long. We’ve started harvesting the autumn bancha tea! The second harvest season […]

Autumn Hand Picking Event

The annual Obubu tea picking experience ended successfully today on the autumn equinox. We were blessed with good weather and it was a very pleasant tea picking experience. This time we had 4 guests, 3 volunteer staff, Japanese intern Shota and his staff. We all had a great time together, relaxing and having fun. We […]

Tea of the Month – September 2021

September Tea of the Month – Sencha of the Brightness with Akky   Hello and welcome back to our third tea of the month and we are very excited to bring you the one and only Obubu President and our Lead Tea Farmer, Akky-san!     For September, Akky is recommending another fantastic, shaded tea […]

Summer Tea Picking Event Report

On the 10th of July, we had a wonderful summer tea picking event with 5 groups of participants. Once again, we had to limit the number of participants to less than half, but they came with their families and friends. Everyone seemed to have so much fun!   It’s really hot at this time of […]

Tea of the Month – August 2021

Introduction For Tea of the month this month we bring you something special, a new brewing method for a fast and easy cold brew. Combine this new brewing method with a rarer tea and you will get a sweet and refreshing cuppa, ideal for those hot summer afternoons!   This month we have another of […]

Tea Adventures in a Gyokuro Tea Field

Hey everyone, it’s Marie from Obubu, it’s been a while! Japan has been very hot recently! I hope you are all doing well and enjoying your time wherever you are on earth! It’s the middle of July this week, and the second tea harvest is almost over…! Time flies by…this year too, since spring, all […]

Tea of the Month – July 2021

Tea of the Month – Sencha of the Summer Sun Today I thought I would test the waters with a post about the Tea of the Month chosen by a different staff member each month. This month we have the wonderful Kayo-San choosing her favourite tea for July and her brewing method. We had a […]

Farming day with Akky

Today was a day of support for Akky-San in a rare moment of sun during the rainy season. We harvested the tea in the Somada area, which is at a higher altitude than most of the Obubu tea fields. The view from here is fantastic and it is a very pleasant place to harvest tea. […]

2021 New Tea!

2021 Obubu’s Shincha – New Tea Arrival In the middle of April in 2021, Wazuka town, where our farm is located, had a huge amount of damage from frost. Usually, at this point of the year, tea fields are full of beautiful fresh green new buds just like the photo below. And this is what […]

We won the EAT MEET JAPAN Award!

Last October, we entered the contest called EAT!MEET!JAPAN 2020 and we received a Silver award as a result! As Obubu, we won the award for EAT!MEET!JAPAN CONTEST for two consecutive years. WHAT IS EAT! MEET! JAPAN? Eat! Meet! Japan is a project that recognizes and promotes the best Japanese food experiences nationwide. Commissioned by the […]

Sakura Picking 2021

This year again we went to pick up some cherry blossoms to make our Sakura Sencha and Sakura Mint Herbal Tea!  Last week end, before the rain comes, our President Akky, some members of the Obubu staff and kind volunteers went on a new adventure in the mountains of Wazuka for our annual beautiful cherry […]

Japan Agriculture Award!

【Activity Report】 50th Japan Agricultural Award! We are honored to announce that we received a special award of 50th Japan Agricultural Award. Especially for under the section of becoming a bridge between producer and consumer in Agricultural industry. This award is to prize for achievement of a company, an organization, a farmer, or individual that […]

Hoji-chai Latte Recipe

Hi everyone, it’s been a long time! This is Marie from Obubu! As you already saw in the title of this post, today’s tea recipe is a delicious Hoji-chaï Latte! A lot of you may already know what Chai Tea is, but for people who have never tried this fantastic drink yet, “Chai” or “Masala […]

Japanese Oolong?

If you are following our tea journey for many years, you probably noticed that we’ve been producing Japanese Black Tea “Wakoucha” in the last couple of years. Also, last year, we produced our very first Oolong Tea here at Obubu. It is unlikely that you will find this beautiful needle shape in oolong tea anywhere […]

What is ‘sustainable agrictulture’ and a new Gyokuro tea field!

Akihiro Kita, the President of Obubu Chaen, has been a tea farmer and processor for about 25 years including his training period. From the emotional encounter with a cup of Kabuse Sencha Tea by experiencing a part-time job at a tea farm in Wazuka,   Introduction to Japanese Tea Akky 16 years ago?! He dropped […]