Assistant Manager blog Pau [2023.09月]

Hello, my name is Pau, one of the new assistant managers here at Obubu. This is my first monthly journal in the blog. I hope to show you my experiences living in Wazuka and working in its beautiful tea fields. I arrived on the 7th of September, already three weeks. Time has gone by so fast.

On the 8th, we woke up early and drove up to the Aoi Mori field for a small autumn Shincha harvest. It was great to learn how to harvest and part of the processing so soon after arriving in Wazuka. And a good training as we prepare for the autumn harvest in around two weeks. This first harvest was a great exercise to try all the machines and get some hands-on before the harvest.

The harvesting team at our Aoi Mori natural field.

The following week, I had the opportunity to join the Obubu tea tour. And soon after, I was already presenting the tea tours as well. Those include information about Wazuka and Obubu, brewing several teas and showing our guests the tea fields and factory. There is a fair amount of things to learn, and we always get interesting topics and questions during the tour.

Between tour and farm work, everyone has been helping with some renovations in our factory. With Sarah, our other new assistant manager, we have been getting more orientations and setting up for our roles here at Obubu.

During our free time, we visited with a group of amazing interns a furin festival, a Japanese wind chime festival, in a nearby temple. It was a beautiful experience, especially the combination of sounds around the temple. David, one of our interns, was especially delighted. Thanks, David, for arranging the trip! We were also joined by a previous intern, Katrina, who did a great job compiling information about all the tea cultivars we use here in Obubu.

Speaking of festivals, a few days ago, it was the autumn festival here in Wazuka. Some of our interns were there serving grilled mochi and kakigori. We also enjoyed a beautiful fireworks show in the evening.

We have also hand-picked and hand-rolled tea during the 27th and 28th of September. The interns and Jean have been experimenting with black tea making. The smell of tea leaves oxidising and rolling by hand is an unforgettable sensory experience. Cannot wait to try and compare them.

One of the main reasons I came here as an assistant manager was the possibility of learning about tea farming. Together with the new group of interns, we learn through short courses built by previous interns and presented by the current senior interns. I have learned so much already, so much more coming up!

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