Matsu-san and Alex speak with Wazuka's town mayor.

People of Wazuka: Wazuka Mayor Tadao Hori

As a town with an over 800 year history of tea cultivation, Wazuka is a special place. We are lucky to have a mayor who also thinks brightly about Wazuka’s future. Recently, thanks to Matsu-san from Obubu Tea Farms, we were able to speak with Wazuka’s mayor, Tadao Hori-san. The mayor knows this place very […]

The chief abbot of Shouhouji drinks coffee while smiling.

People of Wazuka: Shouhouji Head Abbot Tetsudo Ozeki

Shouhouji is one of Wazuka’s beautiful temples, known for its red fall leaves. Recently, I had the privilege of speaking with its abbot, Tetsudo Ozeki-san. I was able to learn a lot about the deep history between Buddhism and tea. While drinking delicious tea out of teaware that Ozeki-san had made himself, we had this […]

Toshi-san cuts into a daifuku mochi with a knife. He is standing in his factory.

People of Wazuka: Toshi-san

Japanese sweets and tea are often served together. The connection between Obubu Tea Farms and Midoriya’s Toshimasa-san also runs deep. He often brings us delicious mochi to eat while we drink tea together. That’s why our intern’s have given him the endearing nickname “Mochiman”! Recently, we were able to speak with him about tea, sweets, […]