Volunteering at Obubu as a Senior High School Student

At Obubu we are looking for someone who …

  • is excited to try their hands at farming
  • wants to go experience a single workday and build up a good sweat
  • likes growing vegetables and working with the soil
  • wants to breathe in the air of the countryside
  • enjoys participating in conversations in many different languages

Is it me they are talking about?!

Let me introduce myself! My name is Suzuka, and I am a senior high school student volunteering at Kyoto Obubu Tea Farms!

One day, I was looking for a volunteer project where I would be able to use English, and I came across the previously mentioned recruitment form.
However, the form was posted a year prior…
I thought they might not accept volunteers this year, but I emailed them and they were happy to accept me. So here I am!

Some of my tasks as a volunteer included:

  • Preparing a tea harvesting event🌱
  • Taking pictures at said event📸
  • Preparing the lunch at Obubu🍴
  • Cleaning up the sencha factory🧹
    Etc., Etc.

The time I spent at Obubu helped me recharge my batteries ❤️‍🔥
I was surrounded by beautiful nature and all the smiling faces of the Obubu staff!
Especially the joking and laughing of the foreign staff during breaks made an impression on me.
This place is like a dream where you can talk to people from different parts of the world while still being in Japan✨.
Everyone who gathers at Obubu loves Japanese culture!
People were very happy when I made calligraphy and gave them as gifts, and in return, I have had foreigners teach me about Japanese tea and Japanese painting.
I have always been interested in foreign cultures and wanted to improve my English, but coming to Obubu has also made me want to value Japanese culture even more.
I also want to be someone who can spread the word about Japan when I go abroad in the future!
Thank you to all the members of the Obubu staff! I will be back again!
If you are a student who, like me before, finds yourself repeating the same thing every day, please come to Obubu Tea Garden as a one-day volunteer 🍵

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