Gaëlle Rousseau

Paris, France

Intern #144

Hi everyone! I am Gaëlle intern #144 from Paris France

I have been a small tea producer in Normandy France for 4 years now, but tea has been part of my life for a very long time. Especially green tea and japanese green tea. I did a lot of tea tasting training, as well as chanoyu tuition in Paris. I am also a member of the european tea grower association. My aim is to develop a better understanding of tea making in France.

Coming to Japan, and especially to Wazuka is a dream come true for a tea lover. The landscape and the traditional japanese houses are really amazing ! Staying at obubu tea farm was a very good experience and allowed me to discover everything behind the cup from harvesting to tea making as well as tea drinking. I gained so much new knowledge as the internship allows us to experiment every step in the tea life cycle. I will keep memories of the tea field sceneries at the top of the mountain, the long night in the sencha factory processing the first tea of the year, and all the guests we welcome in the tea tours sharing my love for tea with them..

Tea in Obubu is crafted with passion and dedication, and the staff is fully involved in sharing japanese tea to the world.

Going back to france, i will pursue my journey in tea education and tea garden implementation. And I am looking forward to my next tea trip, as it is a wonderful international community !