Japanese Tea Workshops in Milan 12th-13th March, 2017

2017-milan-3We love going to Milan, as we are always very warmly welcomed by Barbara and Steven, who run La Teiera Eclettica tea house. Being part of the Italian Association for Tea Culture, they have cultivated a tea community in Milan for long years. So we are always greeted by a full house and immense curiosity.

2017-milan-2This year we brought two workshops: one on Matcha, that is not losing interest yet; and one on Hojicha – an interesting but less know tea. Both workshops involved some presentation as well as hands on exercises, such as Matcha whisking and Hojicha roasting. Barbara helped us with the translation gain.

2017-milan-4In the events we could already meet some of the attendees, who were planning to visit Obubu in future. Among the attendees was also our future intern – Marta. Barbara and Steven are really generous and spread the word about Obubu widely in Milan, so we hope the connection between Milan and Wazuka will grow stronger and stronger.



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