President Akky introduces Obukucha


Hello everyone!!

How are you doing!?

Hello, my name is Akky!


Today, We would like to share with you how to brew Obukucha .

And today we have a special guest.

You haven’t heard of him yet!

It’s Mr. Sato!


Mr. Sato is from Fukushima Prefecture.

He is here in Wazuka to work on tea business.

He is almost finished with his tea business and stopped by our office before returning.

He is one of our amazing tea club members!

Today I would like to teach him how to brew Obukucha tea with us.

We have put the video showing everyone how to brew this tea at the bottom of the page and if you would like to watch the video and meet Mr. Sato, please enjoy!


Obukucha is a tea created by a monk named Kuya Shonin of Rokuhara Mitsuji Temple in Higashiyama, Kyoto.


Many years ago in the year of the great plague epidemic, serving Obukucha  was said to have cured the disease.

Then I started to drink this tea at New Year’s this year.

The tea part is the Sencha of the Wind.

The variety is a traditional Kabuse Sencha.

First, prewarm the Kyusu with hot water then, pour the water into a pitcher for use in a moment.

Put 5 grams of tea leaves in the empty, warm, Kyusu.

When the water in the pitcher has cooled to approximately 70 degrees Celsius, it can be poured into the Kyusu to start brewing the tea.

And while the tea is brewing, the other ingredients are prepared.

Put a piece of kelp and a dried plum in the teacup.

After pouring the tea into the teacup, the gold leaf is added at the end.

That’s it.


Obukucha  is a very special tea and is drunk once a year on New Year’s Day.

Since the Covid-19 is also prevalent, it is a good time to drink it to ward off the virus.

We want you to drink the Obukucha, especially this year.

And for domestic members, Course A and B.


We are bringing you a new product, Hojicha Soba, which we recently launched as a new product.

What do you think about about Hojicha Soba?

The aroma of the soba is spreading. There’s a sense of hojicha (roasted green tea) in it.

It’s not as strong as the dipping sauce.


We had some difficulties in 2020, but we will have Hojicha-soba and Obubucha in the new year.

Have a Happy New Year.

Thank you.

Goodbye everyone!

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