Chances of getting accepted to Jun-Aug 2020 Internship

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Pylin asked 5 years ago

hi there,
I’m wondering about the chances of getting accepted to the Jun-Aug 2020 internship. I ask because I’m planning to travel around the world from April 2020-2021, and I have to buy my plane tickets by December 2020, and I know that you don’t open applications until approximately 3 months before the start of the internship, so I won’t be able to apply or know results until March. If there is a high chance to get accepted, I may risk adding that ticket into the itinerary (buying through RTW trip agency), otherwise, will have to buy own flight to/from Japan separately assuming unknown. Thank you for your advice!

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Obubu Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Pylin,
It is difficult to say so far in advance. But I would recommend looking into flexible flights, enabling you to change your flight destination and dates with ease. This would give you the flexibility you may need. I would recommend you to apply as it is a fantastic opportunity but we cannot guarantee a successful application.
Have a great day!
Kind Regards,
The Obubu Team