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Eric Gross asked 5 years ago

Do you have any specific instructions for cooking your matcha Udon? I was just going to boil and chill, then use some tsuyu, green onion, and wasabi on the side.

1 Answers
Obubu Staff answered 5 years ago

Dear Eric, thank you for the question. Yes that is what we would recommend too: to cook chasoba noodles for about 5min until they become tender, then drain and run under cold water. If you are making a hot dish, then warm diluted tsuyu and add the noodles inside. If you are making a cold dish, then serve tsuyu on the side for dipping. To flavor you can use green onion, wasabi, ginger, sesami seeds, dry seaweed, etc. We hope that will help and we hope you will enjoy the noodles.