Guided Tea tour – 10th of august

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Lucie Pinzano asked 6 years ago


I’m really (really) interested in taking the OBUTU TEA farm guided tea tour – My whole trip in Japan is about getting to know better Japanese green tea and I would feel like something is missing if I come back without having visited your farm.
I will be in the area from the 8th of august to the 13th of august. I was wondering if maybe you would be kind enough to squeeze me in one of the scheduled tea tours that are planned for this period ….

Many thanks in advance,
and looking forward to hearing from you.


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Obubu Staff answered 6 years ago

Dear Lucie, thank you for the question. We are glad to hear you are interested in our tea tours. Among your mentioned dates tours will be held and 9th and 10th August. More information is here and if you would like to attend you can book directly through the website. We hope to see you soon