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Oliver von Spreckelsen-Syberg asked 8 years ago

Dear Obubu Tea Farms,
Your selections look excellent, and I am very happy to have found your company. I am particularly curious about what Camellia sinensis var. sinensis cultivar(s) you grow in your fields, if any. Being interested in every aspect of tea, and plants in general, cultivars and variegates fascinate me, so any information regarding the plants’ origins (ancestry?) or the like would be fantastic. Looking forward to trying some of your tea in the future!

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Obubu Staff answered 8 years ago

Dear Oliver, thank you for the message and interest in our teas. Most of our teas are made form Camellia Sinensis Sinensis variety. Our most common cultivars are: Yabukita and Zairai. Some of our teas are also made from Uji Hikari, Samidori, Gokou. A specific cultivar from which each tea is made is listed on the tea’s product page and you can brows all of them here.