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Ryland Haynes asked 6 years ago

Hey dear Obubu Team, 
my name is Ryland, I’m from Germany but my greetings are coming from Kyoto! I applied probably a bit too early in June this year. So i wondered when the application results were announced or if I might have to apply again, because I can imagine you have many applicants.
So I found out “For internship starting in March, applications will be reviewed and results will be announced by 31st January.” As I need to inform my university about my internship quite early (between mid december – starting january) I wondered if it would be possible to come to your office in person for an earlier result.
Anyways thanks a lot, warm regards. 

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Obubu Staff answered 6 years ago

Dear Ryland, thank you for applying to Obubu Internship Program. For every period all the applications are reviewed at once and results will be announced as explained on the Internship webpage.