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Nana koolstra asked 7 years ago

Dear reader,
I would really like to visit a teafarmer/plantation/factory in japan. Beside being a barista, I’m also studying for being a teasommelier. Because I’m in japan now, I want to see the whole process of tea; from picking until drinking tea.
could you tell me if these expectations will be answered if I book (with a friend) the tea tour on the 13th of June?
Thank you in advance and I’m really looking forward  to an interesting tea tour.
Nana Koolstra

1 Answers
Obubu Staff answered 7 years ago

Dear Nana, thank you for the question and interest in our tea tours. Yes, our tea tours includes explanation of the whole tea process. And you can visit a tea farm and taste locally made teas. If you would like to book the tour you can do so here