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Venuse asked 5 years ago

i have several questions:
1. If I come to do the tea tour in mid to late November are the tea farms still green and lush or not?
2. For the tea tour does it include tea picking as well or not?
3. Do you teach us how to brew different types of tea in the tea tour?

1 Answers
Obubu Staff answered 5 years ago

Dear Venuse, thank you for the questions and interest in our tea tours.
1.Yes tea farm is green and beautiful all year round, so you will be able so see green tea farm in November
2.Serious tea picking is not a part of the tea tour program, but a tea tour guest can pick a leaf or two during the tour.
3.Yes the tour involves an interactive tea tasting, during which you can learn how to brew the tea yourself.
We hope that will help and hope to see you soon.