Genmai (80g)


We isolated Genmaicha’s delightful roasted rice and created Genmai. Made by roasting mochi rice, it is sweeter and crunchier than regular rice. You can add this Genmai to any tea of your choice, creating an original sibling of Genmaicha. Genmai can also be added as a satisfying garnish to salads, soups, sandwiches, or even eaten alone as a healthy snack.

Taste: Sweet
Body: N/A
Texture: Rough
Length: N/A
Harvest: N/A
Tea Cultivar: N/A
Origin: N/A
Cultivation: N/A
Processing: Steamed, Dried, Roasted
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What is Genmai?

Genmai (玄米) refers to Japanese unpolished brown rice. Because it is not refined, it contains more vitamins and nutrients than white rice.
The Genmai (brown rice) we use at Obubu is a type of “Mochi-gome”, a rice used to make Japanese Mochi rice cakes.
It is steamed without being refined and then roasted, which makes it a very crunchy and flavorful.

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  1. Obubu Tea

    Reviews by tea professionals and enthusiasts:

    “The aroma of the toasted rice is really delightful. It smells a little bit like freshly roasted nuts, but with a grainy sort of fragrance to it too. It smells delicious. And the flavor is remarkable! If you drink a Genmaicha because you love that roasty-toasty flavor … you really should try the Genmai on it’s own! Sweet, deliciously roasty and toasty with a lovely rice note” – Sororiteasisters,2013

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