Organic Sampler Set (7 x 80g)


Interested in organic teas? Why not try our samples first? Obubu Tea works with Nakai Seichajo, an organic tea grower and producer in Wazuka, to provide you some of the best Japanese organic teas. The sample pack includes 80g samples of Organic Kabuse Sencha, Organic Sencha, Organic Fukamushicha, Organic Yanagi Bancha, Organic Hojicha, Organic Kyobancha, Organic Genmaicha.

This tea has JAS, EU and USDA organic certifications.

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Farmer Profile

Organic Tea Farmer Nakai-san

Nakai’s family has been farming tea for eight generations. Almost 30 years ago, his father
began farming organically after discovering high levels of pesticides in his blood. This news was the inspiration to grow tea in a safe and natural way. Now Nakai’s teas are certified by the Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS) and have equivalent USDA and EU organic certification.

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