Obubu Sampler Set (18 x 5g)


Don’t know which tea to purchase? Interested in trying a range of Japanese teas? This sampler pack of 18 of our most popular teas is just the thing you need. This sampler set includes 5g samples of:

  • Heavenly Drop Gyokuro
  • Kabuse Sencha
  • Sencha of the Spring Sun
  • Sencha of the Earth
  • Sencha of the Wind
  • Sencha of Brightness
  • Sencha of the Summer Sun
  • Natural Oolong Needles
  • Natural Sakura Sencha
  • Pine Needle Wakoucha
  • Genmaicha
  • Hojicha Gold
  • Hojicha Amber
  • Hojicha Dark
  • Kyobancha
  • Kukicha Tsubame
  • Kukicha Tsugumi
  • Suzume Kukicha
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Farmer Profile

Akky-san Farming Tea

Akihiro “Akky” Kita is our president and lead farmer here at Obubu. His desire to make this tea available to the general public is the foundation of Kyoto Obubu Tea Farms. In college, Akky took up a part-time job as a farmhand in Wazuka, and fell in love with the tea of this region. He made the decision then to leave college and devote his time to mastering the art of tea farming. Recognizing the need for independent farmers like himself to spread the joy of drinking Japanese tea, he travels each year during the winter off-season to bring Japanese tea to people all over the world.

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Weight 145 g


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