Tea Gardens to the World

We are planing to have an online tea event on 29th of Oct.
The event ditails is not finalized enough to tell everyone so far.
But It’s really good opportunity for you to get really rare Japanese tea, tea ware, Wagashi(Japanese Sweet) and special information of Japanese tea.

Because the event is sponsored by Japan Tourism Agency.
So you can participate under conditions that would be impossible normally.

We have twice the online tea event on 29th of Oct.
The schedule is 11:00AM and 03:00PM in Japan time.
We are preparing the special offer for only 30 people each time.

It’s not for free. But when you get it, you feel so lucky.
If you are interested in the infomation, please let us know from bellow form.

We are really glad to share this information with you before it’s released to the public.