Thomas De Azevedo

PSCHHHH! Want some tea ? Hand-picked! Cheap!

Thomas from Dijon, Bourgogne, France

Intern #149

Instagram: @farwellz_



I am a French student pursuing a master’s degree in international trade, specializing in gastronomy and agro-food industries. Living in Bourgogne, my obvious career choice should have been in the wine business field, however, I got the chance one day to taste my very first cup of Japanese Kabusecha and I fell in love with Japanese teas and all the differences they have compared to more usual teas drunk in France.


My goal is to open a Tea Shop in France specialized in Japanese teas. I want to do that because I think it is still too hard to get your hands on quality Japanese tea in France now. I want everyone to be able to enjoy the delicious taste of sweet umami 日本茶 and fall in love with it as I did!

All the things I watched and read about tea and tea production were really interesting but it would be so much more concrete and understandable by doing it myself! Coming as an intern in a Japanese tea farm like Obubu would provide me with lots of valuable insights and experiences! Experiences and knowledge that I would not be able to get anywhere else. I also wanted to work in a real tea farm to understand every step of the process of making the tea I drink every day, and meet lots of people from all around the world, living with them for 3 months and discovering their cultures.


During my time at Obubu, I had the pleasure of meeting and working with a diverse group of people who shared a passion for tea. The team at Obubu consisted of tea farmers, experienced tea masters, and fellow interns from various countries around the world. It was fascinating to collaborate and learn from such a knowledgeable and dedicated group of people.

Coming to Obubu allowed me to do just what I needed. I arrived here at the start of the Spring season, which is the busiest season for tea farmers. Because of that I was directly thrown into it and learned a huge number of things in a super short time. I deepened my knowledge way more than I thought I would in just 1 month here. I got to experience almost everything about tea cultivation and processing and gained first-hand knowledge about cultivation techniques, harvesting methods, and processing steps used in Japan. The staff there is super friendly and available to help and answer our questions anytime. The Obubu Internship program allowed me to make relationships that I hope will last for the longest time! And of course, I drank so many different teas every day that I think my body is now 85% composed of tea!


The Obubu community has become an integral part of my journey, and I will forever cherish the memories we created together. The friendships I forged and the knowledge I gained will continue to influence my path in the world of tea.

I never thought I would say that one day but I miss my futon. Obubu internship was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I enjoyed almost every moment of it! I leave this place with lots and lots of new knowledge, memories, skills, and tea from all around Japan! I know it will not be the last time I see everyone here but it still hurts saying goodbye. Please come visit me if you come to France one day!