Tran NGuyen

Georgia, United States of America

Intern #141

Hi everyone! Tran here, intern #141 from Georgia in the US! 


Before coming to Obubu, I’ve always love drinking tea, but never gave much thought on much work goes into making tea. That’s one of the reasons why I wanted to come here. I’ve also always loved to bake and started doing more so during covid. Thinking back about it, it’s pretty interesting how I ended up at Obubu. During covid, I was looking for matcha cookie recipes and somehow stumbled upon a half matcha half hojicha cookie recipe from Obubu. At that time, I’ve never even heard of Obubu, I was simply looking for new recipes I could try. Looking back at it now, I always like to think that I’ve really come full circle with Obubu in terms of how I ended up here and what I’ve done during my time at Obubu. 


During my time at Obubu, I got to continue my passion for baking by using Obubu’s tea powders and incorporating them into my baking. Throughout my baking, I’ve always wanted to incorporate more tea and make it like an east meets west fusion, ie. tea flavored choux pastries, so I was pretty happy that I was able to continue here. Over the period of three months, I was able to make a lot of things and was happy to be able to share it with the staff members along with the other interns. 

Besides baking, I was able to learn so much more about tea than I knew before. From always starting off the mornings with a cup of tea during the morning meetings to doing tea tours and even doing some hands on work in the fields, I’m glad to have been able to pick up new things and learn things that I didn’t know before. Everyday is never the same and I was always able to learn something new every single day. In addition to gaining new tea knowledge, I was able to make new connections with the staff and even the tea tour guests themselves. It’s always fun doing tea tours and seeing people come from all around the world just to learn more about tea. All in all, there’s so many things I’ve learned and couldn’t have experienced if it weren’t for Obubu. I’ll forever be grateful for this experience and everyone I’ve been able to meet and connect with, along with all the unforgettable memories I’ve made with those around me. 


After Obubu, I’ll be spending a little bit of time in Vietnam where I hope to be able to try more teas and use what I learned while at Obubu. Once I get back to the states, I hope to be able to share all the teas that I’ve brought home with those around me in the spirit of sharing “Japanese teas to the world”. I’ll also be continuing my baking and incorporating more teas into my baked goods and hopes of sharing them with everyone.