#130 Woo Jae Choi (Justin)

Auburn, AL

Intern #130

Those who are reading this, Hello and Welcome!

I am intern #130 Justin Choi. I came from Auburn in Alabama. So, I started this internship from May to July, which are spring and summer time.


During the college, I once worked as a barista and learned a lot about a coffee. And, I sometimes thought it would be good to try learning about a tea. Also, one of my dreams was to experience Japanese culture. So, after finding the Obubu’s internship, I was really excited that I found a perfect opportunity for me.


After a long wait because of Covid-19, I was so happy when I got selected for the internship. I looked forward to going to Obubu everyday. But, I could not expect what I’m going to do in Obubu. So, after arriving at Obubu, everything was so different. Rather than being nervous, I was really excited about this place. Also, it was so nice to meet other interns (Marie, Loudes, Saya, and Laura). Starting from May, we mostly focused on harvesting for spring shipping. It was really nice to experience harvesting in many different tea farms. Although it was very hot outside, I could handle it with a cup of cold tea. Also, I enjoyed other works like working in factory, shipping packaging, and working with other interns.


I’m really sad that this 3-months have gone so fast. I wish I could stay more in Obubu. This internship has been an meaningful experience to me. By this internship, I could see myself becoming passionate about Japanese tea. I would like to say thank you to Obubu for this wonderful experience.

You can find out more about my experience at Obubu in the video below: