Staying in Wazuka

Wazuka is a beautiful town with a long tea history and wonderful tea sights. It is an ideal place to take a break and clear your mind by hiking in the mountains or simply going for a stroll through the tea fields. Stay here a day or two to experience the unique atmosphere of this town. A few recommendations for the accommodation in the area are below.

And if you let the property know when you booked your stay that you decided to stay because of a recommendation from Obubu Tea Farm, you may be able to receive special services.

1. Blodget Lodge guesthouse

This B&B is run by a young and dedicated half American, half Japanese family, who fell in love with Wazuka a few years ago. Their guest house is located on the hillside and you will have a chance to sleep in a traditional Japanese room with a beautiful view of the town and tea fields. Enjoy home-made meals by Mrs. Blodget, who has passion for macrobiotic cuisine. Blodget family is very caring and will make sure you have a comfortable stay.

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2. Country Home ATSUAN

ATSUAN is a country home that was established in July 2019 by husband and wife, Atsuko and Tetsuji, who moved to Wazuka from Kyoto city in October 2008. ATSUAN embodies the concept of a private exclusive guest house for only one group at a time where guests can relax in a heartfelt way. It is a traditional Japanese-style house surrounded by gorgeous tea fields and nature. Atsuko is an avid cooking enthusiast and a professional potter, therefore you will have the opportunity to experience her handicrafts, as well as create your own. 

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3. Wazuka- So guesthouse


The concept of this accommodation is to enjoy tea with all five of your senses. Next to drinking very good Wazuka tea, you can indulge in a tea bath or relax in your room, while a tea candle fills the air with a pleasant fragrance. Even in the delicious meals, that are served, you will find the theme of ‘tea’. If you spend a few nights in this guesthouse, you can be sure that you will leave more relaxed than before.

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4. Shiki guesthouse

Cheries- 2

While in a neighbouring town, this guesthouse is in a very convenient location between Nara and Kyoto as well as close to Wazuka. The guesthouse is managed by Chieri – a young Japanese woman, who is very passionate about her country’s traditions and culture, including Sado – Japanese tea ceremony. Enjoy staying in a beautiful traditional Japanese house made of aromatic wood while exploring the historic sights of Japan.

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