Nihon Ichi-Tea Picking Event


Every spring Obubu invites tea enthusiasts and friends to spend the day picking young new tea leaves in a beautiful tea countryside in Wazuka, Kyoto. Tea from spring season is the most valued in Japan; and even more special – tea picked during this event will participate in the Japanese National Tea Competition to become Nihon Ichi (a.k.a. Japan’s number one). Don’t miss a truly unique opportunity!

Why should you come to the tea picking event?

  • Experience traditional tea picking of the youngest and freshest tea leaves – surprise yourself with how soft and gentle tea leaves are
  • Have a refreshing day in a beautiful Japanese countryside
  • Try tea tempura, made from freshly picked tea leaves, and chadango, tea-flavored Japanese sweets

Nihon Ichi

Event schedule

Arrival at Kamo Station on JR Yamatoji line

Bus No.66 from West Exit of Kamo Station to Wazuka Shimizubashi bus stop (Obubu staff will show the way from the bus stop to the tea field)

Event registration

Tea picking explanation

Tea picking (with a few breaks to enjoy local tea and sweets)

A break with tea infused snacks

Bus No.66 from Wazuka Shimizubashi bus stop to Kamo Station


*Payment will be collected on the day

An important notice

Please do your best as your picked tea will participate in the Japanese National Tea Competition. 4kg of dry tea leaves are required to qualify for the competition, so both quantity and quality are very important. If you have never tried tea picking before, fear not, we will explain you how to do it on the day.

Please come in comfortable clothes and shoes that you don’t mind soiling. The event will take place even in light rain and may only be cancelled or rescheduled in case of a heavy rainfall. If you are arranging a bigger tour group, contact us for details.

How to book your place

To book your place please fill out the booking form at the bottom of the page