Adventures in Tea! Issue 4: Conclusion (For Now?)

Hi everyone! My name is Jessica, and I’m the author/illustrator for Adventures in Tea! Thank you to everyone for reading my mini-series! I spent a great time at Obubu learning about Japanese tea, and this mini-series was my way of showing people what I’ve been learning and giving everyone a little bit of cuteness and fun in their daily lives. With the conclusion of my internship and departure from Obubu, this issue will also mark the (perhaps temporary?) conclusion of Sen and Houji’s adventures.

Right now, the sakura are at the end of their blooming period in Kyoto, but I hope everyone who is in Japan, or has come to Japan has had the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking flush of the sakura bloom this year. The whole Ochacha crew was enchanted by it!

Even though this might be an end for the series, I hope for future interns to continue the adventure and continue to spread knowledge and passion about Japanese tea. Again, I thank everyone who read this series from the bottom of my heart…!

Drink on!


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