Alex Greenwood

Alexander Greenwood

Melbourne, Australia
Intern #122

Before Obubu
I have background in Exercise Physiology, but before Obubu I was teaching English in Seoul and I spent some time snowboarding in Hokkaido.

Why Obubu
I have always enjoyed drinking tea and wanted to understand how tea was developed from the harvesting to the final product. I enjoy being immersed in whatever it is that I am doing – and Obubu seemed like the right place for this.

During Obubu
I was at Obubu during Spring and Summer. During my time here I was lucky enough to learn how to harvest, process, and pack tea. And also have an understanding as to how a tea farm is run.

After Obubu
I am going to continue my journey through Japan and eventually transfer my skills into helping the planet.

You can find out more about my experience at Obubu in the video below:

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