Assistant Manager Blog by Mac [2024.04月]

Hi! I’m Mac :)

My journey with Obubu Tea Farms began in 2015 when I was accepted as an intern to the Obubu Internship Program. This incredible program takes place in the heart of Japan’s beautiful countryside. It’s a place where the art of tea cultivation blends with centuries-old practices, and where every leaf represents years of dedication and craftsmanship demonstrated by the local farmers. For those lucky enough to experience it, working on a Japanese tea farm is not just a job; it’s an immersion into a rich cultural and agricultural experience.

Right away I knew this was going to be different that anything I had been a part of before. I really enjoyed the daily practices – whether we were harvesting, working in the office or brewing tea late at night. I also appreciated the genuine respect for nature that permeates all aspects of the work. The beauty of the tea fields, the earthy smells of of the factory and the rhythmic movements of harvesting quickly became core memories.

But like most journeys, my three month internship eventually came to an end, and I returned to my life in California. However the magic of Obubu stayed with me and never really left. So when I realized I had the opportunity to return, I jumped at the chance – this time as an assistant manager. Stepping back into this place felt like coming home, but I also knew that this chapter would be different—a continuation of my journey into the world of Japanese tea.

One of the most wonderful aspects of returning to the tea farm has been the sense of continuity juxtaposed with the many changes that have taken place in the nine years I have been away. The warmth, enthusiasm and passion of the people here has remained the same, yet there is a clear evolution of progress and innovation. We now have a beautiful and lovingly restored factory where we process our tea, our tea tours have expanded in frequency and content and our internship program has grown in new and amazing ways.

As I settle in to the daily rhythms of farm life, I’ve discovered a new appreciation for the beauty of this industry. Each task has become a way of communing with nature and connecting with people who are equally passionate about this place – whether it is harvesting in the fields, talking with tea tour guests or making a co-worker a cup of tea.

Every day I learn new things here at Obubu. Some days it’s the importance of patience and perseverance, while other days its the significance of pausing every once in a while to take in the present moment. Returning to work at Obubu has been a journey of self-discovery in many ways – a reaffirmation of my connection to nature, a celebration of beautiful traditions and the chance to work with people I really care about. It has reminded me that sometimes true fulfillment can come from going back to where you started.

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