Barcelona Japanese Tea Party – 14th September, 2014

At the beginning two weeks of travelling around Europe with Japanese tea may seem long, but it really flies by and the last stop is Barcelona. Pioneer of green tea in Spain and the owner of the Matcha House – Yoko-san has invited us to hold a few tea tasting events. The first one was in a hip Spanish gallery owned by three local artists.

While originally the event was planned for 15 guests, more than 20 came. So the space was a little tight, but nonetheless cosy, as people could sit on the stairs or on the carpeted floor. Spanish people didn`t seem to be confident about their English, but luckily Yoko-san was there, who had a hard job to translate between Japanese English and Spanish.

The most powerful moment of the event was a tea ceremony with Matsu-san, who invited 5 guests at a time to try making matcha themselves. In addition to that everyone got Japanese sweets Youkan and Dorayaki made by Yoko-san, to go along with the tea.

Another lovely tea event had ended, but what it meant was only the beginning. Charo, who is opening a Spanish tea school in Madrid, came with her crew to meet us before the event. A lively chat about tea education and invitation to Madrid in 2015, meant that Obubu Euro Tour 2015 is guaranteed! A year from now we will be looking forward to meeting everyone again;]

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