Contribution from the Tea fields.

In early November, on a clear autumn day, students from Greenfield Studio came to our tea farm at Obubu Tea Farm from neighboring Kizugawa City to Wazuka-cho, Kyoto, for a field trip.


Obubu Tea Farm asks the students for help with labelling tea bags and folding brochures.


This year, since the annual overnight stay is not possible due to Covid-19, they chose the tea gardens of Obubu Tea Farms as a nearby destination to stay at.


We have visited the facility several times, so we know some of them well.


In the tea gardens, we talked about picking tea and how delicious tea is now being produced in Wazuka Town.


After moving to the tea factory, we compared three types of tea: Kabuse Sencha, Japanese Black tea, and Matcha.


Everyone seemed to enjoy the experience and there were a lot of smiles all around.


One of the support staffs was surprised at how many cups of tea the participants drank even though they usually don’t drink any tea, they must have liked it very much!


If you actually pick the tea or brew it yourself using a teapot, you will probably want to drink all of it!

It was a very nice talk and presentation!


At the end, Obubu Tea Garden gave everyone a gift of some more tea! I hope you can enjoy a leisurely cup of tea, safe and sound, with your family at home.


Please come visit us again!

We are waiting for you to visit!

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